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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 40-minutes for this day.

DML covers an array of topics:
1. Will FDA approve a new booster for Covid despite lack of adequate testing?
2. Official dies day before scheduled appearance with J6 hearing
3. Military struggles to get new recruits
4. 46 migrants found dead in a truck in Texas
5. Two scumbag fentanyl dealers released after arrested for having drugs that could kill millions of people
6. Cheney begging Democrat voters for help

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  1. She likes to lead her witnesses too!
    What a joke and a witch hunt. Costing
    Taxpayers millions of dollars that we dont have due to Bidens horrendous spending.

  2. Another point with the migrants, they pay the cartel, but of course they don’t have the money so the cartel “loans” them the money that then needs to be repaid. So what happens now is that the cartel keeps track of these illegals, in our country now, to gets their money back. What does this bring, nothing but more crime and criminals who come to “collect” their money any way they can, which leads to deaths, sex and child trafficking. Another words, these illegals are bringing their original country’s problems into our country. We have a process to enter into this country, follow it. Otherwise, every illegal alien, no matter where you are from, gets deported back to your home country in the least costly way to our country. Another point, we need to get rid of birthright citizenship, it’s not legal and they receive no benefits of any kind, because they are not citizens or green card holders.

  3. My wife had a series of bad seizures June 30, 2021 5 days after her 64th birthday. She is now on 2 seizure meds and has dizzy spells falls over on the couch and barley able to walk with her walker. We found out that her hair dresser also had one after the Moderna shot and she also had never had one before. We brought this up to her neurologist and his answers was that there is no proof that the covid vaccine has anything to do with it, and can not give us any answers on my wife’s condition or cause. This has been a very hard year for her and myself. She just retired from her job and is home bound now.

    • Please keep looking for a doctor who agrees the Covid shot is harmful, and who can possibly know what to do to help your wife. If she’s having grand mal seizures often, her life is in jeapardy. Hurry!

  4. My son just left for boot camp. He has wanted to be a Marine for three years. Pissed me off he has to take the Covid vac. We both are against it.


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