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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one-hour for today, July 1.

DML and co-host Alec Lace focus on America’s love affair with alcohol.  Should alcohol be banned?  DML says no, but Alec expresses the concerns with the over consumption of booze and glorification of beer, cocktail, and wine commercials.

So, how do we keep people from falling into a dark place due to over drinking.  Much to discuss as DML and Lace both share very personal stories of how alcohol has negatively impacted their families, including how Alec is a recovering addict.

This program is available in audio only, and it is below on THE DML NEWS APP, iHeart, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


  1. We tried this already, it did not work, and it actually made things worse. We need to change peoples hearts and our culture. People once smoked cigarettes like crazy until the government told everyone they were bad for you. Making alcohol more expensive helps.

  2. It is each adult’s choice. If we start deciding to stop allowing people to drink alcohol because they may become alcoholics or just drink too much then are we going to stop allowing people to eat sweets, etc. because they may get fat and have other issues from it? Where does it stop? Enough with policing people who are not doing anything illegal.

    • Alcohol can make a person nuts as in mean as a snake! I lived with one. A Twinkie snack cake or a candy bar doesn’t bring out a demon…too many alcoholics that I know. I would say 1 out of 4 people at my workplace are.

      • Sugar is the cause of many health problems, Therefore obesity is a drain on the healthcare system.You see…The control will never stop!

  3. The government has already tired this and it doesn’t work. Maybe the government should concentrate on closing the border to help stop drug and sex trafficing.

  4. Why are they going after drinking , the government can’t stop drugs and don’t care to !! To much money in their pockets! The government need to worry about inflation and the give away at the fing border!

  5. Alcohol is a demon. My BF is an alcoholic… it’s hell. I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t understand the weak mind that allows a substance to take over your health and well-being. He tries, but he can’t get past it. It’s so sad to see.

    • As the saying goes, the teacher shows up when the student is ready….. I’ll add in my case I needed a little “prompting” from my wife (with my 2 teenage boys watching me leave).
      I found Celebrate Recovery, and 14 years ago decided family and sobriety were more important than beer! Prayers, Celebrate Recovery’s are in most cities and towns across the country!

  6. There are many things to stop. Illegal drug use, pornography, child trafficking open borders and illegal immigration. . History has shown us that prohibition did not work.

  7. Didn’t we learn by what happened when they made alcohol illegal the first time? I can make my own right here in the house. It’s really easy to make your own supply, so no, banning it would be stupid at best.

  8. Welcome to Joe Biden’s 2022 prohibition where you can get your weed and get your smoke but you can’t have a legal bottle of booze insanity iat its finest. Only the Democrats could have figured this out.

  9. So, this guy had an alcohol addiction problem, so by all means ban it!!! I’m fat, let’s ban food!!! Stupid people on this planet.

  10. Ex is an alcoholic and a chain smoker! Drives a semi daily and the booze is barely out of his system….I had to break it off because he is nuts when drinking and abusive!
    There are so called Functioning Alcoholics by the millions….problem is alcohol can make a person violent and mean! A twinkle snack cake….not so much!

  11. Alcohol can make a person nuts as in mean as a snake! I lived with one. A Twinkie snack cake or a candy bar doesn’t bring out a demon…too many alcoholics that I know. I would say 1 out of 4 people at my workplace are.

  12. I agree , God didn’t hand me a nametag to wear that says ” I’m in charge of EVERYONE ” . People need to tend to thier OWN backyards

  13. My Brother is a full blown alcoholic but a functioning alcohol He works and keeps his job but he cannot ever get his driver’s lisence back again, beside he could never have a child it also does not Function on an Alocholicfeel sorry for him but why can’t he Stop? and he smokes 2 packs a day cigarettes per day that is expensive. I used to drink not very Long but I was borderline alcoholic after a hard Divorce and already lost everything. I think they should not have and Sell Alcohol to save people’s lives.

  14. July 1, 2022 I have spent too many years around alcoholics! God help them all! I am blessed to still be alive! One friends said, we aren’t ALCOHOLICS, they go to Meetings, We are DRUNKS, We go Camping! People make choices that are NOT heading them to Good Orderly Direction! God knows! Got Jesus? I cannot be around humans who know NOT self-control! I live with dogs, they never drink any alcohol or smoke anything, sometimes they like a smoked meat off the grill! Ha!

  15. I am 44 and I haven’t had an alcohol drink since my early 20’s. I don’t miss it AT ALL!! I’m so glad I DON’T DRINK OR SMOKE. My husband doesn’t drink at all either. Im teaching my 3 boys to NEVER drink.

  16. great show thank you for sharing your stories with us. I have to agree with Alec on this I would rather my kids smoke pot any day then drink. I’m a social drinker a few glasses of wine here and there but my husband was an alcoholic and most of his family but for me I think it’s the worst addiction.God bless you both thanks for sharing.

  17. Big Macs and Cola don’t savagely abuse children in the way that drunks do. They instill terror in children and innocent spouses. I know I lived my childhood with one. Don’t even know how we made it out alive sometimes. I also took to drinking for a few years as an adult and when I hit my personal bottom I quit, it’s been many years since I’ve had a drink and I don’t think I ever will again.


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