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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 66-minutes this July 5.

DML is joined by Alec Lace.  Topics include:
1. Deadly killing in Illinois push Dems to call for more gun control
2. The culprits causing the American decline
3. Porn and kids, how it creates a new generation of violent sex offenders
4. Prosecutors across US vow to deny Roe v Wade overturn
5. Survey shows Americans losing faith in American institutions
6. Ukraine wants $750B to rebuild, who will pay the bill?
7. DML announces new sleep product on

The program is audio only, and it is available on the DML NEWS APP, iHeart, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


  1. DML I’d like to know how this kid was raised. Did he have both parents, did they discipline him? I believe this is on the parent’s in general. We need to wake up and realize raising kids take work, discipline. It all starts at home….

  2. Looks like the governor is racist since NOW that this hapoened in an affluent neighborhood , HE’S furious that innocent people have died and have been injured , apparently the innocents in Chicago are mere collatteral damage . Wonder if the left will go after him ?? Wouldnt be suprised if nothing happened.

  3. London UK black kids at stabbing black kids 80% of the time it does not end well + They have a gun problem too it’s about that silly drill hip hop music they are into!!!


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