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The DML Podcast is 27 minutes for today May 23, 2022

World leader warns of global food crisis in ten weeks. Biden’s new Press Secretary offers an alarming response when asked when parents can expect to see baby formula back on the shelves in the United States. Trump endorsed candidates crushed the midterm primaries. President Biden responds to reports of Monkeypox cases in the US. Hillary is in hot water.

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  1. Really and WHY would the United States of America have food shortage? It’s planned by this corrupt administration and the puppets running the show. And the idiot trolls just follow along like little dodo birds. America has always fed the world and now we can feed our own? Ignorant fools

  2. GTFOH with this total bullshit. We have the capacity to feed not all of us but the world! This Administration needs to burn eternally in hell and right away. We are not a freakin third world country. We have brilliant minds and technology. What does it say when farmers in this country are paid not to grow food and raise cattle? Meanwhile Bill at hell’s Gates is buying up all the farmland to lock us into buying his fake food. Stop the world, I wanna get off!

  3. They already know its going to happen because its built in to all of these global leaders great reset plan. Covid have them the green light to move forward with their plans because it made the populus seek government subsidies. Now they think they have the necessary control they need to take the next step in control “food supply “. The climate accord was designed to redistribute the wealth of the world and empower the elite. The UN agenda 21 stipulated that the idea of raising up the strength of 3rd world nations and lowering the expectations of established nations so they would all agree to a one world government lead by the UN. The UN agenda 2031 is the great reset all of the leftist loonies talk about. They have to get rid of the US constitution to make that happen here in our great nation, that’s why they have been challenging our constitution at every level.

  4. I am a moderate prepper and have been so since the 90s. U don’t have to go crazy but you should be storing rice, dry beans, dried boxes of potato scallop, canned meats/tuna, medicine, water.

    I am confident the USA’s capacity to grow food is competent but here is the problem. The rest of the world will be starving and Pres disphit Biden will send all of our food products to the rest of the world including our enemies.

    Prep now, grow your own food, watch Youtube prep videos on gardening, food preservation.

    God save us.

  5. I partially disagree with the podcast stats on Hispanic voters. They may oppose it now but it is because many Hispanic voters dont want to compete with their brethren arriving here in massive waves.

    But the core principle and beliefs of almost all Hispanic voters is to allow illegal aliens to continue flowing in at a lower rate. Hispanic voters are 90% Democrat voters and want more of the same.


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