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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 58-minutes today.

DML returns to the studio to discuss the school shooting in Texas and how the Left is out of their minds.

DML covers an array of points:

-Obama uses school shooting to push George Floyd messaging
-How to secure schools
-How to use social media to stop killings
-Beto O’Rourke makes a complete fool of himself amid presser
-Parents are pissed over “slow” response
-Father learns that his daughter died saving her fellow students
-Ted Cruz reveals left doesn’t want to secure schools
-How the Left falsely blames the right for violence
-Trump keeps commitment to speak at NRA event.

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  1. You cannot put all gun owners behind the gun that murders. It’s ludicrous to say that only guns kill people, people kill people by any means necessary! The left will blame the conservatives only to push a false narrative to justify gun control even if it means the removal of guns from all gun owners…unless of course if it’s for the left’s own protective security. The left’s agenda will do anything to gain control!

  2. DML
    You really explained to everyone the reasons why and the path to make our schools safe at any cost
    How many times do we have to put our hands in the fire before we support school safety at all costs
    No more excuses
    No more politicalizing Gun control
    We all know if school security was in place this gunman would never had access to the school
    How many more of these will it take before we prioritize school safety as you had great influence over it in Florida after tha Parkland shootings
    Thank you for this message
    It is now time to put in motion a solution to this problem

  3. Great podcast but sad. Every day I have my soft gels and my podcast. You must of heard me. I had an argument with my girlfriend last night. By the way she is a Biden fan. Sometimes hard to get along with her. She questioned why we have A.R. 15 and blame them for only killing people. I told her if someone broke into her house would she grab a AR-15 or a shot gun. She picked a shotgun. I told her if the US spent money on keeping the school safe exactly how you said it. Security systems a police officer fencing so so. It would be a small amount then we give other countries. I will try to see if she will listen to it. Wish me luck. Thanks for everything you do to make a better world we live in. God bless you and your family.

  4. I would love to see a ban on all guns sadly their is far too many NUTTERS out there if they ban guns . . USA is not a safe country.

    it’s crazy town is some states !!

  5. It’s not just social media. It’s a combination of things, but the number one problem is our loss of morality and throwing God out of our lives. it’s the hatred spewed from the left (which includes those that pretend to be on the right), from the MSM (part of the left), the intolerance of them, a bad school system, and a severe lack of a REAL mental health system (which I got a taste of when my uncle shot himself after CMH in San Diego refused to help him WHEN HE BEGGED FOR IT!)

    Social media is just a symptom of the REAL problem.


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