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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 48-minutes for this day.

DML focuses on the following topics:
1. Uvalde teacher who lost 11 students speaks out
2. Governor from lib state takes action to take away right to buy AR15 guns
3. Gas and baby food problems gets worse
4. CNN issues warning to Biden about midterms
5. DHS posts warning letter about domestic violence
6. Huge caravan heading to US from Mexico, largest ever maybe
7. Clinton aid and his apparent suicide leaves more questions than answers
8. Children get exposed to drag queen dancing
9. Jan 6 panel trying to paint a false narrative about Trump supporters
10. Top Gun producers getting sued.

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  1. He is noT a liberal he is BLACK AND WHEN y are BLACKN you do not understand the rightS of other people to protect them selves SINCE HE IS PROTECTED New Yorker you deserve what you elected a trash black, when America elected that black ops HUSSIN OBAMA till now we are suffering from it we deserve it because we elected trash

    • So you posted your comment moments after the podcast was posted which means you did not listen to it and yet, you posted a comment. The Liberal is not black, it is a she, and she is white. Get with it.

  2. Like I said I do not think there much different between blacks and a liberal they are both the same colour when you put them in power they always do the same things UN AMERICAN Policies, there is only two blacks in the USA GOVERNMENT ARE American AND both are republican and for me I am in with it more than y think

  3. They don’t realize that AR-15 is a particular male and model of firearm. A bit of firearms education. Armalite Model 15 (a scaled down lighter version of the Model 10)- designed by Eugene Stoner in the late 1950’s and manufactured by ArmaLite. This is where the AR – ArmaLite Rifle- comes from. At that time ArmaLite was a division of the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation. It was first commercially introduced in 1956. In 1959 they sold the rights to Colt.


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