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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 42-minutes today.

DML covers the following:

1.Two year old abused at school in Ga. Caught on camera.
2.SF school subjects kids to drag dancer.
3.Tuesday primary results
4.What happens to Biden when Republicans take over Congress
5.Mathew McConaughey’s strange delivery of a gun control speech
6.How McConaughey will be asked to run for president 2024

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  1. Hell No! Keep Hollywood where they belong! They should not even try to run the United States. Anyone wanting to run should have something more to offer other than a speech. In 2018 he was all for guns so No! Flip Flopper.

    • I agree we don’t need McConaughey running for President but, let’s not forget President Reagan was one of the best Presidents we had!

      • But President Reagan had also served as Governor of California – and did a remarkable job at that prior to running for POTUS

  2. I’m sorry I’m sure Matthew is a fun guy. But I don’t need a high naked bongo player making decisions on our country. Just saying!

  3. Matthew is a big time liberal one step from being a radical. His Texan aura fools stupid people into thinking he is a moderate dude that leans slightly right. Dont be fooled.

  4. I’ve said it before , I say it again. I like deSantis, but we need to set things right Trump 2024 . Do not let those socialist scum democrats get away with stealing the 2020 election set things right Trump deSantis 2024 ,then deSantis for 8 more. McConaughey no way.

    • If the Republican would have kept an eye on Arizona and Detroit when they were stealing the election they would have been caught

  5. “WHY, do ACTORS think they’re qualified for Political office??? The FAME they have is for ACTING A PART!! Please,! They give their opinions and right away, they THINK they’re in. WHY, any person would ENTICE them by even ASKING if they run, IS LUDICROUS!!

    • Because they think they are better than you and I because people praise them for their acting ability. Mark Cuban made statements that he might rum, just because he’s rich and owns a basketball team.

  6. Why would he want to get involved with dirty politics? Maybe money incentive. I like him as an actor. Since he voted for Biden I have no respect for him or the rest of Hollywood at this point. He does not have a chance in hell at winning.

  7. He won’t win, regardless why do any of you still trust the voting system when clearly the last presidential voting race was all a hack and was corrupted? If anything everyone that knows the election was stolen and was cheated should all be signing petitions or making it a priority to start throwing this government under. We the people.. Remember? They work for us but then other way around, it’s because of us that pay them to get what is needed to get done. It is also because of us if they continue to run this country the way they are and we don’t do anything about it. There should be a plaque of us banning together to be antigovernment to make these people hold the ones responsible for the corruption and all the bs propaganda they are force feeding everyone. There are various ways to get these people to be stuck and have no choice to do what we say. Don’t pay taxes. Don’t contribute to anything. There are just a couple of things that could be done out of many, what are they going to do if everyone all banned together to make this happen? Arrest every single one of us? Lol good luck overwhelm them with what we can do to take our country back as it was always meant to be- OURS!

  8. The majority of the Republicans are RINOs or chummy with corrupt democrat buddies.

    I am 100% certain if the Republicans take the house, they will do nothing.

  9. Matthew McC is a Uvalde Native. That is why he is front and center for the events. I don’t really believe he is being positioned for any presidential race. Wasn’t sure if DML missed that tidbit as yo why Matthew is so prominent in this shooting.


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