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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 55-minutes today, June 9.

DML is joined by Alec Lace, they cover the following topics:
1. House passes crazy gun control legislation
2. Black mother crushes Dems on gun control legislation
3. January 6 hearing begin tonight, what to expect
4. Biden looks lost on late night TV show
5. SCOTUS assassination attempt means nothing to Democrats

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  1. Some relatives of mine are actually going to watch this crap tonight asking me was i going to ?? I gave a resounding NO and was treated like ” well ok then ….” When i compared it to the fake impeachments ect . That it was all one sided , no cross examination or anything . If they want to be like sedated sheep thats on THEM . Also its of course an attempt to distract from the REAL crises all around us .


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