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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 32-minutes for this day, June 10.

DML reviews the January 6 hearings, aka the primetime made-for-drama programming that unfolded last night on all major liberal news networks.

DML shreds the hearings as a new report on inflation is tossing the stock market in a free fall.

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  1. Not ready for prime time, soapbox dope opera!
    Dempeds and traitor rinos soros stooges!
    Only very select bullshit allowed by the brainless swamp creatures! They o ly represent themselves. Could put latre night MSM pimps like kimmel, colbert, and some results worthless bullshit. Dems=MORONS

  2. And this is how the taxpayers money gets spent while gas and food prices are soaring???? I hope these idiots get voted out of office!!!

  3. Started to watch had to turn it off ! Drug out yada yada from their black leader! What fucking BS and a waste of time! This Democratic mini series ain’t going to do Shit ! If security was breached then ask Nancy Fucking Pelosi about it, it was her job. Antifa and BLM planted in that crowd funded by George Soro’s such BS run his ass out of our country and politics

    • Plus they are saying Ivanka Trump was saying to didn’t feel the Election was Stollen. Not at all What she said.

  4. First thing I will ask, why did not Pelosi send in the National Guards as requested by Trump? If she did, most probably this might not have happened.

  5. Dear God, I hope these Jan.6th hearings falls flat, I hope people have had enough of unimportant nonsense, that the Democrats feed on. I have not listened to any news not even local news…for the last few years….
    This country is in real trouble… people need help with thier everyday living expenses…we certainly don’t need to worry with Jan. 6, 2022, issues.

      • When has Nancy Pelosi done anything good for the people. Add in her hatred for Republicans, and Donald Trump in particular. In my book she is the Wicked witch that is a rock that keeps this country in trouble.

        The election was rigged by the Democrats, and we are paying the price for the Democrats stealing our election. at 11:15 p. m. in Maricopa Co. AZ I looked to see what the so far results were, and Trump had 57,064 votes and Biden had 25,827 votes. While I looked at the numbers to my surprise the numbers flipped and Biden then had Trumps votes and Trump was given Biden’s votes. That the Democrats fought tooth and nail to keep from an audit of the election in Maricopa Co. tells me that what I saw was a steal of the election.

  6. Bipartisan my foot. Pelosi has gone against the rule of the House to have the Republican minority leader to choose two to be part of the committee. Instead, she chose two RINOs. Good that Steve Bannon has subpoenaed all members of the committee to his trial. Pelosi is also subpoenaed. See what the trial will see how they respond because if they defy the subpoena, they will be arrested and charged, no exception because Peter Navarro was given this treatment.

  7. I started watching it couldn’t take all their lie 15 minutes into it STOPPED All their LIES LIES LIES couldn’t take their coup Kangroo Court and wasting more taxpayers Money! Pluse they wouldn’t let Jim Jorden be in their for Questioning they cut him out and picked and chose those that go along with their adjenda. Just as BAD as the Adam Schiff one 3 Years ago. Horrible.

  8. Oh so we are just going to start paying for migrants who live in other countries. In addition to the record number heading to our border, the millions that have crossed, and the millions who live here.

    That’s the genius plan.
    Brilliant 👏

  9. They wouldn’t let Jim Jordan and others question anyone but they want to question these same people .Does the hypocrisy ever end? A last ditch effort by the dems before midterms, it won’t work. Anyone can make a show based on cherry picking snippets and sound bites ,this is elementary ,a high school kid can do it .I sure hope folks wake up soon ….


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