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Dennis Michael Lynch and his film crew journeyed through portions of America in May, 2018 to make a film that focuses on the beauty in America. The film focuses solely on positive stories, people and places that make “AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL” the country that it is.

DML says this film is just “Part 1” of a multi-part filming experience that he hopes to turn into an ongoing series.

Along the journey, DML and crew took stunning photographs for a picture book that includes short descriptions. Originally, DML created the picture book in a hardcover 11×14 format with at least one personalized photo and caption for those people who donated $500 or more to his journey.

After seeing the cover, many DML NEWS readers asked if they too could get a book.  In responding to the demand, DML has created a similar picture book, which will include a handwritten message to you and signed by him.  The book is soft cover and includes 27 pages of amazing photos and short descriptions. The book size is 8×11. See sneak peek of the book below. 

Own it for $39.95 plus shipping.  Some of the proceeds will go towards paying for the next journey which starts in late August 2018.  And some of the proceeds go towards donations to organizations DML meets while on his journey.  For example, below is a series of photos taken at a ranch in Kentucky that offers troubled teens a place to get back on track by working with horses.  DML donated $1,200 to the ranch after filming the segment; he was that impressed.

Orders arrive before July 25 via USPS. To order online, use the yellow buy button below. For checks, make payable to DML NEWS and mail to:

PO Box 704
Amagansett, NY 11930.


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