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In a daily podcast show to members this week, DMLNewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch explained why the White House is so afraid Biden might “go off script.”

DLM responded to an incident that occurred on Wednesday, when the White House suddenly cut the video feed of a virtual event after Joe Biden said he was “happy to take questions” from Democratic lawmakers.

“They don’t want Biden having any media time where he has to go off script, because if he goes off script, he’s going to reveal that he’s not playing with all the marbles he once had,” DML said, noting that each day it is getting worse.

He said they all know Biden isn’t able to put together a string of sentences. They all know he’s a “freaking mess,” DML said, adding, “That’s why I will never ever concede to the idea that 80 million people voted for this guy.”

WATCH DML’s comments in the video clip below, which is just a brief segment of DML’s daily podcast program.

Here’s the moment Biden was cut off:

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  1. Yeah, I knew that pedo joe “magoo” was NEVER legally our elected president. We are majorly F**Ked…so WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO??? I am so angry every day that I don’t even have an outlet to unload. (Apologies to my daughter). Between magoo and masks, I am ready to explode EVERY SINGLE DAY. Don’t know about you, but this ain’t how I envisioned spending my “golden days”…

    • I am right there with you. I cry almost daily. I worry for my grandkids. As parents, we try to make sure our kids have a better life than we had. I absolutely feel like I have failed them. It will not get better. Our chances of ever having a valid election again are slim to none. I truly feel our votes do not matter. The left will do as they please. I would not trust ANY Republican or Democrat politician. Trump was not a politician, and that proved to be the smartest vote I ever cast. God help us all. He is the only one that can.

      • I’m right there with you, too! Cry often, depressed. I feel so helpless, I just want to scream to stop this insanity. Is there anyone out there that has any common sense?!? This country needs to be rescued before it’s too late! I fear for my adult children and grandchildren.

    • I feel exactly the same! The most frustrating part is that there is nothing we can do! No election will ever be fair unless something major happens and I am doubtful as they control everything even our speech!

  2. The sadist part is the stupid idiots that voted for this brai dead jerk will never here anything from the msm

  3. Do we really have to see a video or anything to know why the Dems don’t want Resident Biden taking questions? He’s an idiot and nothing more than a puppet. Everyone knows it. Not fooling anyone in the world.

  4. We all know the election was rigged and stolen from Trump (and all Americans). We all know Nancy Pelosi is controlling Joe Biden. We all know that this IS NOT RIGHT and never should have happened but it did. We all know that if all we do is talk and complain about it nothing will change and our future will be the nightmare we never thought would be real. So what are WE going to do about it?

    • I am open to suggestions. I have written to my representatives. I have always voted, though not sure I will continue to do so as it will most likely not matter ever again. I have had many conversations with left leaning persons and suffered through the hate they damned me with in response. Civil war? Great in theory, but who would lead us and would it matter? Remember – they have an endless supply of money and people in the highest places. I actively boycott left leaning brands. We don’t watch sports or alphabet letter channels. We salute our flag and stand for our anthem. What else would you do?

  5. Biden needs to be removed from office. He is obviously showing signs of dementia and had been way before being elected to the most powerful position in the U.S. and everyone knew this. He’s not running this country, his staff and wife are. He’s nothing but a puppet on the strings of the Democrats. We’re all in trouble.
    Get him out now….!

    • Don’t u realize that if he’s out she’s president & Pelosi is Vice President until she gets rid of Carmelita then she is president what she’s wanted all along

  6. His wife must be proud of herself. I voted for President Trump and I will again if he was to run. How could anyone in their right mind ever voted for this idiot that is in there now.

  7. We, the people, need to DEMAND a psychological evaluation. Why isn’t this happening? They knew this before he became President. Has to be a form of elder abuse!!!!!

    • Something to keep in mind: if he is declared incompetent, heels up Harris assumes the position. Next in line would be Piglosi. Face it – we are doomed.

  8. Send your senators demands for psychological evaluation. We CANNOT continue to sit back and do nothing. If we do then we are just as guilty of elder abuse. And that’s exactly what this is!


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