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Written by DML
Below you will find 4 new steps the White House is reportedly planning to take to stop illegal immigration, according to Axios.

But before we get to the list, I want to make my opinion on this matter crystal clear.  As a person who has been deeply engaged in the immigration debate for more than a decade, I want President Trump to cut off the jobs to all illegal aliens. Unfortunately, my White House insider tells me it’s not going to happen until “pressure from voters outweighs the pressure from K Street (lobbyists).”

The DC lobbyists spend hundreds of millions of dollars to force the borders to remain open by getting lawmakers, and the president, to look the other way.

The biggest culprit is the US Chamber of Commerce, who fights for cheap labor to be made available to businesses throughout the country.

The USCC is the largest lobbyist in the US.  The president had lunch with the organization’s leader on March 6.  When the meeting was over, Trump called for more legal immigration as they sat together for press questions.  Here is the video:

As I see it, cutting off the jobs would take all but two steps, one of which the courts would have a hard time arguing against, and the other is a matter of policing.

Trump needs to issue an executive order to make mandatory e-Verify nationally adapted.  This will send a clear message to both employers and illegal aliens that the party is over.  Meaning, if you are caught working illegally you will be deported.  If you are caught hiring illegally you will be fined heavily and face possible jail time.  This message alone will send chills down the backs of all parties involved.

The courts will have a hard time overturning the measure because (1) it is already against the law to hire illegal aliens, and (2) the US government itself uses mandatory eVerify and makes it so any contractor it does business with must also use the online system.  So, in other words, the pathway to making the system mandatory for all businesses has already been paved.  Currently, the eVerify system is voluntary.

The second thing Trump needs to do is empower ICE to work with local sheriffs to conduct massive workplace raids.

A recent raid of a Texas technology company resulted in 300 illegal aliens being removed.  The raid is significant because the illegal alien workers were performing jobs Americans would happily do: repairing cell phones and computers.

This sort of raid needs to be a daily practice by law officials.   If the raids happen daily, the media will have no choice but to broadcast the raids.   If the TV is filled with clips of ICE raiding businesses, similar businesses will pull back from illegally hiring the undocumented.  The trickle effect starts to take place. Meaning, the more the jobs dry up, the more the illegal aliens go home.  Tack on the raid clips going viral on social media. Imagine the impact these visuals have on the Central American migrant who is considering the long haul to Texas.  Imagine he or she watching his fellow Central American be arrested during a raid.  It may end up influencing him or her to abandon the journey.

If we strip the incentive to come and stay in the US illegally, people won’t try to enter via the border — and the people who are here now illegally will leave.

The measures listed below are being considered by Trump.  Not one of them curbs the visa overstay.  It is important to remember, 44% of the people who are here illegally DO NOT come via the border. These people are referred to as “visa overstays.”  They came in legally for a temporary stay of some kind, but never left the US when the visa expired.  As noted, Trump’s 4-point plan does nothing to address these folks.  My plan does.

Another benefit to my plan: If we strip the incentive for businesses to cheat the system, entrepreneurs and business operators will be forced to go back to hiring as they should — legally.  This will result in hire wages for American workers and more taxes collected to go towards programs like Social Security.

According to Axios, White House officials are working with Trump to implement new hardline efforts via executive order to secure the border.  Sadly, my approach is not part of the strategy.

Regardless, Axios reports the following:

1. Make regulatory changes to make it “more difficult for low-skilled immigrants … to gain admission” into the United States, “and easier for high-skilled immigrants who are likely to be self-sufficient.”

2. Make it more difficult for people to invoke their fear of returning to their home country in order to seek asylum in the U.S. Essentially, DHS would “apply greater rigor and scrutiny to these [asylum] claims rather than credulously accepting what’s said.” The State Department could “produce an analysis” comparing an asylum-seeker’s claims “against the actual conditions in their home country.”

3. The official said the White House is frustrated by the granting of work permits to asylum seekers so soon after entering the country, describing the practice as “a major draw.”

4. The White House also wants to change rules to allow the government to detain migrant children for longer than the 20-day limit allowed under the so-called Flores agreement.

I encourage the president to give these efforts a try.  Especially the third measure — “removing work permits for asylum seekers.”  This measure would be the closest thing to my strategy.  That said, it might help slow down the migrants coming in at first due to the hard nosed messaging, but long term the illegals will figure it out.  Meaning, this new Trump measure (#3) will have little to no effect because the incoming “Central American asylum seekers” don’t need the permits to find jobs.  Most of these new arrivals do not use the permits whatsoever.

The new arrivals use the refugee asylum story solely for purposes of getting entry into the US.  Once here, they do not want to pay taxes — they don’t use the work permit in most cases.  One reason being is employers do not want to hire asylum seekers legally because doing so would require the employer to pay the same taxes they would if hiring a legal citizen.

Businesses hire illegal aliens because they want to profit more by paying less — thus, the cash under the table routine.  So, the work permit Trump is threatening to pull away is really a moot effort.

Until the illegal aliens who are here now go home with a message that screams: “Work opportunities in the US are finished,” people will continue to flow in through the border, and the people here now will continue to stay.

The people coming in each month are a major issue. But it’s the people who are here now — the illegal aliens who have been here for years — they are causing the most pain for taxpayers.  Trump must rid of them in tandem with securing the border.

My case in point: This year we will receive approximately 1,500,000 illegal aliens via the border. But the number of existing illegal aliens in the US is approximately 29,000,000 according to a recent IVY League study. Those 29M illegal aliens are having babies who become American citizens, and collectively they are all draining our resources, both physical and financial, on a daily basis.

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Learn more by watching my 3 films on immigration.  Click here.

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  1. Everify would keep less than half of them from getting jobs because it only verifies the names on the documents they produce as eligible for work. Identity theft is rampant and most illegals apply with forged documents that will pass everify. Not saying it’s worthless, but it is not a stand alone solution or the ultimate solution by any means. Certainly it doesn’t replace a strong border wall, technological security and other measures that need to be taken to prevent identity theft.

    • Maggie, like any law Everify would need enforcement. Everify was not as effective in the beginning as it is now. Early on there were problems because of IRS, SS records not being correlated. Thus ID theft was far easier. From what I have read, those problems have been mostly resolved. If SS security numbers are not in the system, or if records show the same number being used at multiple locations the number is flagged. Also if records show the number belongs to a 50 year old and a 20 year old is applying, the number is flagged. Both states and the feds do audits. States because of workman’s comp and state taxes, the feds for income tax. ICE could also do audits of employment records. Capon was convicted not for murder, but for income tax evasion. Same tactic could be used with this issue. Employers being arrested, businesses being fined or going bankrupt would make others not want to risk it.
      Simply put Everify would be far more effective then any other method. All it needs is the will to put it into effect. Along with that ICE should be doing raids on businesses daily in the areas of construction, agriculture, food processing. Restaurants, car washes, landscape/lawn businesses should also be looked at.

      A wall does nothing if they claim asylum, get released and can get a job. Cut off the job, they will have a hard time making it here. Most will appear for their hearings in the hope they will be allowed to work.
      Certainly Everify could be improved, but it is more effective then what the naysayers want you to believe. That is the reason the CoC and others do not want it.

      • Prior to that, ICE, as well as CBP, needs a huge amt of new hires. They are worked so thin, that they are quitting!!!. We need something dire at the border NOW. Not after new laws are passed!!! I’m thinking armed guards, as it is an invasion when they come carrying their country’s home flags!!!

  2. Your message was on point 3 years ago… maybe even as recently as 1 year ago
    But as evident by who we see coming, jobs are no longer the number one incentive.
    The migrants have been weaponized and in an effort to circumvent current laws,their strategy has changed . We are no longer seeing primarily young working age men, we are seeing women with children who are attracted by FREE stuff. We need to turn off the spigot. We need E-verify AND we need to heavily tax remittances


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