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DMLNewsApp and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Thursday evening, weighing in on a report just released by the Department of Justice that announced several mail-in ballots had been found, discarded… and the majority of them had voted for President Trump.

DML also voiced his outrage over the recent violent attacks against President Trump, law enforcement and Trump supporters.

President Trump is poised to win the election by a landslide, even greater than former President Regan, DML predicted, but warned that, after the election, the mail-in ballots pushed by Democrats are going to start pouring in, setting the stage for massive corruption.

He blasted Democrats for their repeated questions about whether Trump will commit to a “peaceful transfer of power.”

We have to win in HUGE numbers in order to overcome the mail-in ballots, DML said, not just the presidency, but also the Governors, the local elections, the House, and the Senate. “We have to vote RED!” he warned.

He also warned about the censorship of social media, and said it will not be long until voices like his and other conservatives are silenced. He urged you to download the FREE DMLNews app to your phone so you will stay connected to important information he will continue to share.

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  1. They’re already censoring you as I can’t view your video about the election for our beloved President Trump here on FB.. I mean really..this is just unbelievable..but knowing whom is behind all this crappola is freakin crazy!!!! I.hope this gets posted!!!!

  2. Great video DML! I have donated to several Republicans around the country. I have donated as well to President Trump! You are so right about everything! I too have never seen such deception by the Democrats! Crazy where they want to take our country!

  3. There’s no questions about it Democrats are hell bent on cheating, don’t use there mail in vote, go to the poles with your ID and vote, let them try , there’s to many trump voters , we Americans need to get these crazy demorats out of office out of our government.


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