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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Friday morning, and ripped into Joe Biden over his 20-minute video address from the White House Thursday night about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of the date that the World Health Organization officially declared a pandemic amid the spreading coronavirus disease.  Then-President Donald Trump had already declared a public health emergency at the end of January 2020 and restricted travel from China, despite criticism from Democrats at the time.

In his powerful 5-minute Facebook Live video Friday morning, DML slammed Biden for not giving any credit to Trump for his Operation Warp Speed program which produced vaccines for the American people in record time.


DML also posted the following statement on Facebook Friday morning:

A real leader takes accountability when he is wrong, and a real leader gives credit to others when credit is due. A real leader does not steal another man’s accomplishments. Joe Biden’s inability to lead, and Joe Biden’s weakness and smallness as a man, was on full display last night when he denied giving credit to President Trump for creating Operation Warp Speed. This should not come as a shock to people on the right. For weeks, Joe has also showed us all how weak he really is by denying the crisis he created at the southern border. Joe, you are so little this morning that playing handball against the curb is now an option.

As for the rest of Joe’s nonsense spewed last night, all I can write is “good heavens.” Will someone give this guy an updated memo. They can start with highlighting the death rate in NY and CA and then compare it to that in Florida where one can see his or her neighbor’s lips when they speak.

*Opinions are my own. But they should be shared by everyone.

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  1. Biden ‘s speech is so negative and hopeless!! I don’t care what Biden’s message. I will celebrate with families and friends. And I will honor 9/11. I still refuse to wear masks!!!

  2. I don’t know of one thing he said that we didn’t already know. With so many critical situations happening around the country and the world one would hope he might address at least one of them. So disappointing. Nothing good can come from something that had it’s beginning in a lie, except that God intervenes and redeems it. Come Lord Jesus.

  3. Bidum is an embarrassment. Taking credit for Trumps accomplishments, and blaming Trump for his own assenine problems at boarder. They didn’t even think it through, just quickly sign an EO total opposite of Trumps Boarder Laws to try and make Trump look bad and JB look smart. The problem is it is backfiring , so what they do is say it is going to take while to clean up the mess Trump made. Things were in control at the boarder with Trump, now Bidum just F&@k/:d it all up. Not Bidum alone but the Demons elites and their corrupt agenda.

  4. Absolutely “ZERO” info given last night by this
    Scum Piece of [email protected] Biden !!
    Said nothing that we don’t know already !!!
    “Keep wearing masks and have small party July.4th ???” Are you kidding me you dumb
    [email protected] !!! Stealing Trumps achievements ??
    Please don’t Ever give an address again !!!


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