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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Friday evening, to weigh in on comments made by a group of Republican senators who went to the border and held a press conference earlier in the day.

DML noted that most of the senators who went on the trip and blasted Joe Biden for reversing all of former President Donald Trump’s border policies have at one point voted for some type of amnesty.

During their press conference on Friday, the GOP senators noted that the migrant detention centers are overcrowded, with the unaccompanied illegal alien minors lying on the floor, so close that they touch each other.

DML noted that, to the kids, they come from much worse conditions, and for them, this is an upgrade.

The Republican senators don’t understand messaging, DML said, explaining that instead of holding a press conference slamming the conditions the migrants are enduring, they should have made their case by pointing out how the influx of illegal alien kids will affect American children in the schools.

Focus the cameras, not on the illegal aliens in tin foil blankets, but at the neighborhoods that are going to suffer by the effects of this influx.

“We’ve all seen the crossings, it’s nothing new,” DML said. “The media never goes in to show what a community looks like once these people land wherever it is that they’re taking them!”

Speaking from personal experience, DML said the flood of illegal immigration is so bad now in East Hampton, New York that the government is building low-income housing just down the street from his own family home there.

“Start pointing the cameras at the right places,” he said.

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  1. Respectfully, I disagree on this particular event. I think it shed some light on what Biden is covering up. The media needs to cover this. They have always been able to cover the border & although they (MSM) are biased, it provides an albeit very small window into this administration’s refusal of transparency & the very conditions that they accused the Trump administration of … is happening.
    That being said, DML, I know that you know what you are talking about… immigration & how it affects the American people, probably more than anyone!
    However, at this time with the media fawning over Biden & the American people looking the other way because most just got some money in their pockets… it NEEDS to be covered.

  2. Everything the Dems do is paid off blackmail! I think it’s time we all get paid to vote! This is what crazy woke is going to do! It’s going to be who can pay off the most people with the largest amounts!


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