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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Friday evening, and demanded to know why aren’t all the Hollywood celebrities, media and Democrats speaking out against the attacks against Jews all across the United States?

“For the past year, we have watched Black Lives Matter take to the streets. We’ve watched them burn buildings, loot, steal… all under the notion that they’re fighting against ‘systemic racism,'” DML noted.

The group of people who have the most hate crimes against them are the Jews, DML noted. They are some of the most disciplined and peaceful. They’re not the ones burning buildings and looting stores, he declared.

“Where’s Hollywood? Where’s all the media?  Where are the Democrats, who have all screamed about Black Lives Matter for the past year?” DML asked.

He noted if these were Black Americans being beaten in the streets, the media would be covering it wall to wall, and buildings would be burned. “Where are all the leaders in politics?  Where’s Chuck Schumer?” DML demanded.

WATCH the full video below:

VIDEO: Jews attacked in broad daylight in NYC as anti-semitic hate crimes spike

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  1. Israel doesn’t need anyone to stand up for them. The US government stands up for them by sending them millions of dollars for armaments so they can kill Palestinian children! Take away their lands and burn their fields! When the UN wants to make them accountable for their actions the US always vetoes it! Apartheid Israel!!

  2. I always thought Hollywood was run by Jews, and doing a damn good job of it until of late.

    Could it be they’ve become part of the “Synagogue of Satan,” those who say they are Jews, but are not.”

    Of course, I know why Jews are hated. And it isn’t what you think. It can’t be that evil. In fact it has a glorious outcome for all. In the meantime, we must send with her, even though many claim to be atheists.= in their vast ignorance.

  3. You know, Jews aren’t Pedophiles so their ignored, just like the Republicans. You need to be a twisted P.O.S. to be Heralded by the Mob.

  4. The Jewish people have been targeted for 4,000 yrs. Seems it never ends for them no matter where they are & yes, they are a peaceful people. It is sad to think the people must live in fear of being bombed for the sake evil ways. Many wanting to live in peace. Remember when N.Y. C. Was being burned up & broken apart, I remember seeing an interview on T.V., of a man saying he was headed to the Diamond District to burn it down. WHY? Those people never bothered him. So WHY? They are hard working, self supporting, good people, who educate their children well & have manners & respect! Jesus Christ was a Jew before he was emerged in Baptism by John the Baptist. He will NEVER allow his people & land to be taken over by evil. Remember, 4,000 yrs. they have been fighting for peace & Israel still stands! Makes any believer think we should stands with Israel. 🇮🇱

    • God bless you. A very Truthfull statement. The Jews are in the Palm of Gods hand and are very special. God is thier Rock and refuge. Any who dare to tread on them will ultimately fight face to face with God……and they will lose.


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