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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Friday afternoon to comment on a story published on the DML News App earlier about two men who were booted from Yankee Stadium Thursday evening.

During the game, the two men unfurled a large banner declaring “Trump Won” and “Save America.”  For that, they were handcuffed and removed from the stadium.

DML asked, “Are you tired of it yet?  Have you had enough? Are you just feeling as if now you’re living in a country where you’re either a liberal and get to live free, or you’re under socialist-communist rule if you’re not a liberal?”

He blasted the officials who removed the two men from the stadium, and said professional sports has been spoiled and destroyed. “They’ve bitten into the poisonous apple that destroyed Hollyweird as well,” he declared.

DML said there was nothing wrong with the banner the two men displayed. “I guess you’re not allowed to write what you want anymore,” he said. The sign just said “Trump won.”

“How do they know?  Maybe they meant Trump won his golf game, or Trump won the race to earn $1 billion before Joe Biden?”

“What if the sign said ‘Obama sucks,'” DML asked, adding, “What if the sign just said, ‘Trump’?”

WATCH the must-see video below:

VIDEO: Two men displaying ‘Trump won’ banner handcuffed and removed from Yankee Stadium

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