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DMLNewsApp and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Wednesday afternoon and UNLEASHED on Fox News anchor Chris Wallace for his conduct during the presidential debate Tuesday night.

Instead of focusing on critical issues, Wallace created the “sound bite” of President Trump making a comment about the “Proud Boys” group, and the media is running away with it.

“Why didn’t he ask the same question of Joe Biden, who claimed that Antifa is just an idea?” DML demanded.

While Biden was allowed to call Trump a “clown” and tell him to shut up, and was never confronted by Wallace, Trump was put on the defense instead of talking about what he wants to do for the country.

“Who’s the loser in this debate?  The American people are the losers,” DML said.  He blasted the media for focusing on the “Proud Boys,” who no one has never even heard of, yet the fact that Biden said he’s going to eliminate the tax cuts Trump enacted that have helped created jobs for Americans is being completely ignored.

“President Trump won that debate for one reason – he was himself, authentic,” DML said.

It isn’t President Trump who has caused the divide in this nation, DML declared. It’s the media!

WATCH DML’s passionate and powerful message below:

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  1. I agree 100% with i knew ahead of time that they would make it hard on President Trump and the media should be ashamed of themselves but there not they have been doing this all along to the President

  2. Biden never answered the questions about BLM or why didnt he go to the democratic states and talk to governors or senators about the rioting?? Whyisnt anything being said about this ?????

  3. Chris Wallace was an absolute pussie last night !!!! FOX news should be ashamed of this man as their head-honcho news guy !! He blows like the rest of the media …he should slide over on to the SLIME Channel cnn or nbc … Worst moderator Ive ever witnessed…… who gave him his questions, Donna Brasile just like the ladt denates where she fed Killery the questions !!! Im so pissed at the debates because President Trump was used by them ! I hope D.Trump just totally ignores the moderator at the next one and just goes full blast on Biden !! That lying stinkin badtard !

  4. And all the fake media followed that narrative…….trump wasn’t allowed to answer the question and the real clown was criss Wallace who was all about protecting biden

  5. We watched the debate on Fox News. At one point, Joe Biden reaches into the right side of his suit coat with his left hand about 30 minutes in. It was very strange. We were surprised that no one has said anything about this. We rewatched it as we had taped the debate while watching it live & again felt it to be unusual. Why has no one even remarked about this? Just curious.
    Your thoughts?

    • I saw the same and conclude he was not scratching but seem to be making an adjustment. Maybe his neuro transmitting device needed adjustment.


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