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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video on Sunday afternoon to weigh in on Biden’s plan to push through another stimulus bill, and why he should hire President Trump to rebuild the economy.

DML said reckless stimulus spending will do nothing to help the economy, adding that Biden doesn’t understand the concept of ‘producing’ and providing opportunity to Americans is how the economy thrives.

He compared Biden’s plans for the economy to his predecessor’s, who empowered Americans to get back to work, produce, and make money. Biden’s plans that avoid lifting lockdowns and handing out ‘free money’ to Americans will crash the economy.


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  1. I agree with rhonda. That election was stolen.

    Mr Biden is not running the country it is Mr Obama who was never my president and neither is Biden My President who is trying to divide our country again Obama was the most corrupt stupid president we’ve ever had he didn’t do anything he sat there smiling and had everybody do all his hard work while he raped in money for doing nothing. If we got rid of Obama and Biden and biden’s administration America would be a heck of a lot better than it is right now.

    I think as Americans we should do a class action suit against Mr biden’s administration and his as the fake president. Never have been disgusted as I am with Mr Biden Ms Harris or should I call her legs up Harris and the Democrats. Maybe we need a civil war

  2. Trump should stir the pot and say he’s switching parties and going back to be a democrat like he was before.

    I know he never would do that but would love to see the hysteria of democrats, republicans, Rinos, fake news, nytimes, Washington DC. Hollywood, it’s Endless & entertaining as well.
    Pelosi alone would be filling up that face diaper of hers with diarrhea of the mouth.
    A democrat doing executive orders like a conservative that he is.


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