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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Monday evening, with additional comments on a reported proposal by the Biden administration to launch a “Covid passport” program.

The state of New York has already announced their own Covid passport app, which allows people to provide proof they’ve had the coronavirus vaccine in order to be admitted to games, concerts and other events.

The passport is also being touted as a travel pass.

DML noted that right now, illegal aliens are pouring across the border and are testing positive for coronavirus at a much higher rate than American citizens, but they are allowed to go anywhere in the country.

He also suggested that forcing Americans to take the coronavirus vaccine, and thus forcing people to have a “Covid passport” in order to function in life, is a greater threat to our nation than the 9/11 terror attack.

“Your freedoms are about to be stripped,” he warned.

DML said if the covid passport is required, people won’t be able to go to work, go to school, shop, travel or anything else pertaining to normal life without it. It’s a tracking device, he said.

WATCH DML’s important, chilling warning in the video below:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced earlier on Monday that he will be taking executive action against any “vaccine passports,” and declared he isn’t about to allow any such thing to be implemented in Florida.

WATCH: DeSantis vows to take executive action against ‘vaccine passports’

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  1. This administration is wasting no time turning us into a socialism/communism country and we are sitting by watching the constitution being torn to shreds and unfortunately won’t wake up until it’s done! This is only the beginning! God help us.

  2. It’s so good to hear that you won’t cave to the injection, so many others that I follow have caved and when I hear they’ve caved I lose faith in Them, I know I shouldn’t feel that way but I can’t help it, to me if you get the injection your just another sheep, I understand people being afraid and specially high risk but if you know God you know the truth and you know that if God is ready for you no mask no injection is going to save you when it’s your time it’s your time, I’m one of those that is high risk, I’m a cancer survivor, I’ve had a Brain hemorrhage, I’ve been in complete organ failure and died, I only have one kidney, and guess what I don’t wear a mask I’m not gonna get a test and I refuse the shot I will take a bullet before I take that shot I will choose my death the government will not choose my death, I’ve had enough and this is not the world I want to live in.

  3. I don’t think that would stand. Because of the nuremberg code a person can’t be mandated or forced to take an experimental vaccine, which is what these are. They are not FDA approves, they are approved for emergency use only. With the numbers dropping, they’re getting scared they’re losing control. To require a covid passport and us be stripped of what few freedoms we have, for essential business etc, doctor, grocery, pharmacy, etc. Is taking the travel freedoms we were allowed at the onset and worst of this “virus”. Now employers may be able to require it as terms of employment, especially if you work with the public, but so far they haven’t required that. This will be seen for what it is, to “mark” a certain group of people and to strip those person’s of their constitutional rights. Maybe I’m being optimistic, but I pray we have judges that will see this for what it is. They call it racist to require an ID to vote, this is little different.

  4. It’s time to burn Biden to the ground! We are under attack in our own country and it shall not be tolerated.

  5. The socialist commies in charge of our country are full steam ahead destroying our freedoms and our country

  6. Incase you people didn’t get the memo, Nevada is now a socialist state and it not going to stop here I guarantee you . Have a great day . MAGA


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