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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video on Saturday, and ripped into the media for going soft on Joe Biden, after their brutal treatment of former President Donald Trump for his entire presidency.

On Friday, Biden fell three times while climbing the stairs to board Air Force One. A White House spokesperson dismissed the incident, saying he fell because it was so windy outside.

A New York Times headline reads: “Biden doing 100 percent fine after tripping while boarding Air Force One.”

Yet, with Trump cautiously walked down a steep ramp while exiting a stage after a West Point commencement speech last summer, the media mocked and ridiculed, although he never slipped or fell.

The New York Times headline for that one read: “Trump’s halting walk down ramp raises new health questions.”

WATCH DML’s important commentary in the 20-minute Facebook Live video below, then be sure to hit the share button!

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  1. I absolutely HATE this crap! President Trump and First Lady Melania were the best thing to hit the White House since the Regan’s. We are now living in HELL with an inept, corrupt old pedophile and a rug burn queen infesting our White House. Americans deserve better, but I don’t see a solution any time soon…we need help, right here and right now!

  2. Are his security/secret service old too, they didn’t run to his rescue. No one did. He did hurt himself, you can see as he rubs his left knee. It is my understanding that the military who are at the base of the stairs are required to hold their salute until a president returns the salute. Didn’t happen did it? So many “slip-ups” in the video.

  3. Love you DML. I’ll be in Palm Beach starting a new business soon with my partners. Big company. Leaving NY. Contracts are being signed. I’ll look you up when I’m there !!
    Will be giving you my support.


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