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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Saturday afternoon to comment on the news that former President Donald Trump is about to start his rallies up again.

Trump released a statement on Friday about his personal plane, known as as “Trump Force One,” which he used to travel across the country during his first presidential campaign in 2016. Trump said the plane is now “being fully restored and updated and will be put back into service sometime prior to the end of the year.”

Trump also confirmed he will be holding rallies again soon. “We’ll be doing one in Florida. We’re going to do one in Ohio. We’re going to do one in Georgia. We’re going to do one in North Carolina…We’ll be announcing the rallies very shortly,” he said in a recent interview.

DML commented on the importance of Trump starting the rallies again, and said he believes the rallies will attract even more people than they did before, as people are so frustrated with the way Joe Biden is running the country.

Business owners are struggling to keep their businesses going, as Biden is allowing people to collect unemployment benefits instead of working, and the border is completely overrun with illegal aliens.

DML said Trump will be able to highlight all the problems Biden has caused in the country, and since the media has shut Trump down, his rallies will be the perfect way to get his message out, and help Republicans win elections in 2022.

WATCH the powerful video below:

NEWS ALERT: Trump releases statement with update on his personal plane, future rallies

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