DML FACEBOOK LIVE Sun. May 21: When you are lonely, you are not alone…

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Today, DML covers the following:

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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Sunday morning, and spoke about the number of people who now say they are lonely.

The U.S. Surgeon General released an article recently about the epidemic of loneliness and isolation.

In his video, DML discussed his morning routine, and shared thought-provoking feedback on how people can keep themselves emotionally and spiritually healthy.

WATCH the full video below:

REPORT: Surgeon general: Time to fix problem of loneliness in US

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  1. This one struck a chord today. If someone reaches out, stay in touch. Loneliness has gotten lonelier due to computers and smartphones.

    • I used to fell this way. I met a new person. Invited her to a meal and chat. Absolutely no mention of politics at all. At the end of the meal….I got a lecture and a dress down on how horrible Trump was for black people…how much harm he did to them (with zero examples, mind you), but she was fully committed to telling me her opinion of him. I do not want to do that again….ever.

  2. Thanks Dennis! Great tips. I’m very lucky and enjoy being alone and reading, studying, watching movies and enjoying my own company. I’m very amusing. 😀

  3. Hey Dennis ,
    Love this Podcast, and what you do for people ..Now when I walk w/ my sister n law we just say
    Hey it’s Walk n Talk Time !!!
    Thank you for all you do !! I put on uplifting music and call friends when I’m feeling down …
    I always start my day w/ Prayer and when I’m not working,I attend Mass so I can receive Jesus who nourishes me

  4. I pray always and when lonely claim every Bible verse I can think of. I have cried myself to sleep and believe Jesus has had me fall asleep so when I wake up my loneliness has gone. I am fine being alone since my husband moved to heaven but those times of loneliness are hard

    • You are right to choose God as your support. I totally understand loneliness depresses us all. I am grateful for DML’s message today. You can email me if you want a friend to talk to.


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