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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Thursday evening, and suggested who he thinks is the one person to make a major difference in America right now.

DML focused on the report that Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe was just banned by Twitter, after he exposed CNN’s agenda in a series of undercover videos.

Noting the need for a fair and unbiased social media network that won’t censor conservatives, DML said Elon Musk is the one person who could launch the desperately needed social media platform.

WATCH the video below – this one needs to go WILDLY VIRAL!

BREAKING: Project Veritas releases more undercover videos on CNN, Twitter responds with BAN [VIDEOS]

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  1. You need to support President Trump more than you do Dennis Michael Lynch. Who cares if you didn’t agree with him he did the right things he did things for the country and for each American citizen. None of these other cronies politicians are going to do any of that. None of them will do anything. Please do not disparage PRESIDENT TRUMP anymore. This reply app sucks.

  2. I heard that My Pillow Mike Lindell’s social platform opens now for his followers and on Monday to the public. There is another one coming out too. We will be supporting them. I am already using others and we are not going to go back to FB, Twitter and not much left on You tube. I hope millions more leave those evil platforms.

  3. Totally obvious now what CNN Twitter and Facebook are all about. From the start those platforms and networks have been propaganda tools, like sleepers in a Soviet style cell network, waiting for a Trump to come along. It was Trumps worse mistake, not taking these platforms to task. Mainly cancelling their licences to operate. He was not convinced they were there to destroy him until it was too late.


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