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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video on Thursday, and voiced his outrage over a recent report that a vaccination site in Seattle is prioritizing people of color and placing white people on a “standby” list.

The DMLNewsApp shared the report on Thursday, originally published by the Daily Caller, who wrote: “The African-American Reach and Teach Health Ministry (AARTH) has four upcoming vaccination events listed on its website, but individuals who attempt to sign up for a shot on May 1 at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center are first asked to indicate if they are a black, indigenous or person of color. If not, they must go onto a waitlist.”

DML asked what would happen if there was an organization for a White “reach and teach” that put priority on white people and told everyone else to get on the standby list.

DML also noted that if he personally prioritized people based on their color when they ordered products from his website, he would be lambasted, and destroyed – and rightfully so.  “So why are other people allowed to get away with this?” he demanded.

WATCH his comments in the powerful, must-see video below, then please share!

Below is a screenshot from the sign-up page on the AARTH website:

REPORT: Vaccination Site Denying Appointments To White People In The Name Of ‘Equity’

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  1. oh yah can you tell or ask this who’re Kamala Harris if this country is Racist because her mother from INDIA that she is not very Proud of..and her father from Jamaican how she could used her SINK Hole when she is on her 20 to African american is already 60 olds plus another montell stick brooms hit her America Racist ?? i know the answer too because she is not satisfied the mm..that’s Why America is Racist

  2. They deserve a massive lawsuit this is horrendous . Great live Dennis you hit it hard . I will be sending this link to my governor


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