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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Thursday morning to discuss the crisis Joe Biden has created at the U.S. border – and how it differs from his stance on immigration just a few years ago.

Old videos have surfaced from 2006 and 2007, when Biden voiced support for a 700-mile fence on the southern border, voiced concern for the tons of drugs being smuggled in to the U.S. from Mexico, said employers who hire illegal aliens should be jailed, and spoke out against sanctuary cities. CLICK HERE to watch. The report is also posted on the DMLNews App under the videos tab.

DML encouraged everyone to watch his latest documentary on illegal immigration, “They Come to America IV – The Cost of Politics.” It is available free on Amazon Prime, or on the DMLNews App under the videos tab.

In his live video Thursday morning, DML said the most important thing Americans can do to stop the flood of illegal immigration pouring into the country and taking American jobs is to STOP hiring illegal aliens, and stop doing business with anyone who hires illegal aliens.

WATCH his important message below:

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  1. I shared this to all my social media pages and sent emails to my friends as well.

    We sure need President Trump now more than ever!!!

  2. Seems to me there is going to be a lot more home invasions and robberies. Democrats wants to make it so much harder for law abiding Americans to be able to protect themselves and their families but are not doing anything to keep illegals from getting a gun!
    What the Hell are the Democrats trying to do, kill all of us Americans off?
    What is their insane agenda for doing this?


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