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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Tuesday afternoon, in response to the jury announcing their guilty verdict in the George Floyd murder trial.

The jury found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all three charges of second- and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, 46, a Black man accused of passing a counterfeit bill at a convenience store on May 25, 2020.

DML dived into one important angle of the case that the media is not discussing – how can law enforcement identify and deal with the the rare incidents where they have a rogue officer on the force who shouldn’t be there, or who needs help.

He also voiced concern that this case may set a precedent for other cases of officer-involved shootings, even in cases where the officer is not at fault.

WATCH DML’s comments in the video below:

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  1. Normally agree with DML. On this one I disagree. This jury was scared if they didn’t find him guilty they were in big trouble with the left and rioters. I hope he appeals. To find him guilty as if he went to work to kill someone is ridiculous.

    • I agree that he od’d! When he was freaking out while they were trying to put him in the car, the cops tried to appease him by putting him on the ground outside the patrol car! While Floyd was laying on his side, BEFORE, Chavin put his knee on his neck, Floyd said TWICE, “Oh my heart, Oh my heart!” I think he put his drugs in his mouth so the cops didn’t find it and he took so much that it gave him a heart attack!! I watched the trial and saw that scene several times! Why the defense attorney didn’t point that out, I’ll never know!!

  2. Indeed this jury was scared to death! They’re sequestered ? In this day and age of the cell phone ? I don’t think so! The news was definitely available to them in some form. And mad max and Biden both tainted this trial! It should have been a mistrial but the left doesn’t believe in laws!!!

    • Bruce they were not sequestered until the Judge sent them for deliberations. So the 8 days of “protests” did their trick. The Jury was scared to determine anything but guilty because they knew their city and families would be under siege otherwise. What i really found disgusting was Waters encouraging riots and Obiden stating there was overwhelming evidence of guilt before the jury had determined their verdict. Our politicians should not inject themselves into matters before the Court. Same as Schumer before the Supreme Court last year.

    • I live in Henn. Cty mn. We were getting emergency texts about curfews etc. This jury got all of them. I was taught knee to back/neck in my green alert training. I think this verdict is bs

  3. It will never be enough. The main stream pundits are already whining about the verdict. They want more. It just won’t end.

  4. Oh the rioters already said they will continue to riot and burn businesses REGARDLESS of what the verdict is!!
    They just want a reason to destroy and steal stuff!! Sickening! And MN let’s them keep going so…….! 🤷‍♀️

  5. If I had been on the jury I would have been afraid for my life and the lives of my family. I would have had reasonable doubt. Then I would have moved to Timbuktu!


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