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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video on Tuesday, and blasted Facebook for a ‘fact-check’ label slapped onto his live video from Monday.

To justify their fact-check label of “partly false information,” Facebook has linked DML’s video to a completely unrelated statement made by former President Donald Trump way back on October 30, 2020, in which he said, “Our doctors get more money if somebody dies from COVID. … So what they do is they say, ‘I’m sorry, but, you know, everybody dies of COVID.’”

PolitiFact’s label on DML’s video states, “Donald Trump’s false claim that doctors inflate COVID-19 deaths to make more money.”

DML noted that there was nothing in his video that included anything even similar to the Trump quote being used to justify the ‘fake news’ label.

“I didn’t say anything about Trump, or doctors, or inflate Covid deaths,” DML said.

WATCH DML’s fiery remarks in the video below, as he fights back against the attack on his brand and his name.

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  1. Things will be better might be worse before that. Lots of cabal been executed see list on duck duck go.Bad governors will go. I am doing something I wear America caps. Relax. Get Duck Duck go app. Find good info

  2. What you’re talking about is exactly why I got off of fb. I gave my opinion on a post. Was not hateful just an opinion. I was attacked by people on that post. Then fb threatened ME to take me off of fb. I’ve been fact check. But I said nothing mean. Did not treat anyone mean on that post. But others on that post attacked me. And fb said nothing to them. Some used language. And fb said nothing. Plus at the time they were coming at me on messenger.
    So I deleted my account. Cause fb is not a two way page. I also deleted my twat account. Sorry.
    I agree with you. But these people are destroying our country. My dad and step dad served in WWII and I retired from the National Guard after 21 year’s. And I feel like we wasted our time serving.

  3. Bravo, take them for everything you can get, your not doing this for yourself your doing it for everyone that’s been locked up in their fakebook jail, it got so bad for me that I just gave up and left the BULL 💩💩 group, I’m a firm believer in KARMA and it’s going to bite them where the son don’t shine and eventually people will wise up and leave..

  4. Personally I think colorful language is needed sometimes and I for 1 appreciate the tone – its needed sometimes these days in backwards world — and you can ask anyone whom knows me – I refrain from speaking like such unless I feel it’s needed online or in person — and DML I agree with everything you said today – keep up the great work Sir.

  5. Amen DENNIS!! I’m with you 1,000%!
    As far as the “colorful language” goes, we’re all adults! If you can’t stand the heat-get out of the kitchen!!!

  6. Dennis, everything that you said is true. We are living in HELL, and the America that we grew up in is being stripped away, bit by bit. Most of my days end up in tears of anger and frustration…at least we are in Florida, with a Governor who has balls! Where are the rest of the pansy-assed republicans?? Please don’t stop bringing us the Conservative truth; your DML app is my only source of news. “Illegitimi non carborundom”…


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