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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Tuesday evening, and said he now believes that it’s China, and not Obama, who is “pulling the strings” behind the scenes of the Biden administration.

“Every aspect of our country is being driven by China, including today’s election in California,” DML said, adding that he will be releasing a full explanation in a podcast on Thursday.

DML also weighed in on the bombshell report revealed in a new book that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley went behind former President Donald Trump’s back and made two phone calls to China.

According to the book, Milley claimed he was afraid Trump would launch an attack against China, and called China to give them a heads up and assure them no attack would be carried out if so ordered.

DML noted that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has made huge deals with China, including a $990 million state N95 mask contract with a China-based firm.

Also, from the Free Beacon earlier this month: The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) had more than $3 billion invested in Chinese companies, including 14 state-controlled enterprises blacklisted by the Trump administration, as of June 2020. Many of these companies are funding the Belt and Road Initiative, a massive infrastructure project Beijing is using to expand its geopolitical and military influence.

“Do you really think China is going to just sit back and allow Larry Elder to beat out Newsom?” DML asked.

He also noted that liberal billionaire George Soros has sunk a bundle of money into Newsom, and isn’t going to just sit back and let Elder win.

DML confirmed his support for Elder, but said he’s afraid he won’t see him win this election in California.


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  1. Thank u DML!!! Ur right! U have to start making sense of the senseless! We’ve all been saying everything is upside down and inside out….but it’s not just here, it’s across the world! Ur insight is priceless!

  2. Dennis, as always I support / believe in your messaging. There is one thing that I was pondering all video long. Were you wearing your shirt inside out? It sure looked like it. Lol

    Just razzing you.
    I always share your messages as best I can.
    Keep up the good fight brother! We will not go quietly into the night! We will not let America die, not on our watch!! 🇺🇲


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