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Today, DML covers the following:

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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Friday morning.

In a rare move, DML completely abandoned politics for this Facebook Live.

Instead, he spoke about Bob, someone very dear to him who has gone through some serious health issues, including two rounds of cancer and is now facing a third case of cancer.

“Why are there so many evil people in the world who seem to get off scott-free, and good people suffer so much?” DML asked.

“It seems like all the bad people are getting all the benefits,” DML said in frustration.

WATCH the full Facebook Live video below, then leave your feedback for DML in the comments section at the end of this article.

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  1. When is this pos fakebook site going to be shut down for good. Fuck the zuk, you useless turd. Can’t stand to look at his pussy-like face.

  2. Also, living on earth can suck… but Heaven is wonderful and everyone wants to go there… no one is sick or infirm in any way… all the people who loved you and passed are there waiting for you… Jesus has prepared a place for you… it is us that are still here that lament the passing… keep your eyes on the prize!

  3. Dennis,

    I will keep Bob in my prayers. Now for you, we are to never question God’s works. You will see later why some things happen to good people. My husband died 19 years ago and he was only 45. But I have a site now knowing that he could’ve have lived through Covid in through all the craziness that we’ve gone through. When you see a person, struggling through physical or mental problems. I firmly believe that God is making us stronger. Just like five years ago when I had my car wreck and the police officer said you should have died. Dennis gods not through with me. From the time you were born, God knows how many hairs are on our head. He knows the day that we come back to him. We never know how we will leave this earth. But during that time through prayer, I always thank him and praise him first and foremost be adamant about your prayers. He hears them but it’s not our will that is done, but it is Gods. When you got so sick, you’re better he’s not through with you. What your position in this life is your doing Gods work. Spreading the truth which, as you know, we don’t have that on our main stream media you’re helping people with your CBD. I watched video where you gave people money after the hurricane. Dennis the next live you do ask all of us to pray for Bob. I believe in the power of prayer, you walk in God‘s path, ask him each day to take those steps with you. Pray for discernment, and never ever give up. We lose the ones that we love most. And it hurts us tremendously but please think their greater rewards are in heaven. God bless you Dennis keep up the great work. I shared your video. Just like I do every day. All of your News! Check it out Truth Social , SouthernTrumpGal. Take care. Much admiration! Deb Gatlin

  4. Prayers for Bob.
    God Bless him and hope he gets better ❤️He’s Very Blessed to have you as a friend 💕
    I don’t know why but I feel everyone goes through hard times either in early stages of life, middle or later in Life 💙

  5. There are many answers for that and many are unanswerable. Man has free will to choose what path/direction his soul will take. The choices others make affect the rest of us, whether we like it or not. This is what makes existance here very difficult at times. Living with those who are not interested in perfecting their soul for the better but what gratifies them now. The more wrong choices they make, the easier it becomes for them to do so. Those of us who do not choose that path do not understand why they choose evil. What our physical body goes through now does not stop the existence of our soul. As the saying goes, what we overcome only makes us stronger. When we fail or fall, to rise again is to empower ourselves to excel or achieve greater heights, rewards, etc.

    Many of the ailments/diseases/financial problems we experience, we bring upon ourselves. We choose to eat unhealthy food that causes diseases. We make bad investments that put us in a bad place financially. We get involved with people we should not making us vulnerable to all kinds of difficult or dangerous predicaments.

    Do not despair. Trust God. He does not approve of the evil some choose, or that we choose ourselves, sometimes out of ignorance or from trusting the wrong people. It hurts Him, but again, He does not force anyone to choose good. Though it may be unseen to us, He does rescue us at many given times to try and soften the blow of what we are going through. God is good. God is faithful, we are not.

  6. Dennis, I will bet this prayer will be sent to you by many. It has always been my crutch through very rough times in my life. It helps me to understand and to stay strong. My daughter in law cross-stitched and framed it as a gift to me. It hangs on my wall. It’s the ‘Serenity Prayer’ in short version as I show you here:

    ‘God grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change;
    Courage to change the things I can;
    And wisdom to know the difference.’

    God Bless Bob and give him the strength and courage to pull through.🙏🙏🙏

    Another meaningful and spiritual message:
    “God does not give you the people you want. He gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you & to make you the person you were meant to be.” This makes so much sense in the lives we live. 🙏

  7. Prayers for Bob!❤️. You ask a good question I wish I knew the answer to. I’ve contemplated it many times for the unjust situations in my life. I still don’t know. Many people say God f’s with good people because it builds character or that God only gives you the burden you can bear. Whatever the answer is we good people have to persevere over the dumb ass evil democrat Progressives to make America great again.

  8. DML, You’re enjoying the beautiful beauty of the intercoastal.. That beauty came from the hands of God that you’re enjoying!
    Your friend Bob, lived through colon cancer then he lived through jaw surgery..
    God answered prayers to get him through these surgeries or he would’ve died..
    That way he could be with his friends and family a little longer
    If it is Gods will he’ll get through lung cancer too .. if it’s not it’s God will that he’s going home to heaven..
    We all have numbers and when our numbers up, that’s when it’s time to to go To either heaven, or hell, depending
    on how we lived..we have free will so we decide on earth which side you’re on God or Satan
    Obama and Biden, and all those corrupt people have sold their souls. Heaven isn’t waiting for them! Hell is !
    God has even said “we will have struggles and hard times here on earth” ;which only shows how strong your faith is in him to keep on praying and not turn your back during hard times!
    We live through faith and not through site!
    My friend just lost a 16 year old grandson 4 years of having leukemia
    As hard as it is, he’s thankful that he doesn’t have to suffer anymore.
    Life is an easy don’t lose your faith DML. God is listening. He will get you through these hard times.
    God bless you and family.

  9. I remember not too long ago feeling like you when you needed lots of prayer. The bad people are going to get it from God himself in the end. We need to keep seeking Him and being loving and kind to one another. God answered my prayer for you and I am grateful now I will for Bob.

  10. God doesn’t. Man does. We are here to learn lessons; all life is nothing but Chaos otherwise. And we do this many, many times.

    Please God and His Angels watch over this very special loving friend Bob He gave you. I pray for a lessening of his suffering.

  11. God gives us all crosses to carry. He is mostly concerned about Your Life Eternal. He wants us to prepare for Eternity with Him. Here are some Biblical verses that may help you understand…
    James 1: 2-4, Peter 2:19-21, Timothy 3:12, Romans 5: 3-5 and John 16:33
    All the faithful were always persecuted. May your friend know that God is working in his life and he shall bask in life ever after. May God Bless us all.

  12. A pastor for a family member’s funeral just said bodies get tired and aren’t well and when we go to heaven the soul is released to heaven and the body stays behind because it is no longer of use or needed. The soul will now be free in heaven. This life on earth is very short in preparation for eternity in heaven.

    Hopefully those of us who live our lives in a good way with be blessed with eternal heaven and those that aren’t will be somewhere else.

    As hard as it is, try and stay positive for having Bob in your life as a best friend and father figure.

  13. Please read the book of Job Dennis. God does not do this to your friend, the devil does. All the bad stuff happening in this country today is not because of God. Continue to read and learn more about who God is. He is here for all his faithful. Just believe and know your friend will be ok tho he is going thru so much. Stay faithful, God loves you.

  14. How quickly people praise God and then when things don’t go the way they want they then question him. It shows the shellfish nature of man. Only GOD knows !

  15. Has God failed Bob yet? With previous cancers or on the police force? Did God have to send His only perfect son to save mankind from themselves? Nope.
    But He did; He is always faithful. God even allowed Jesus to be tempted by Satan in the wilderness for 40 days! Reading through this story and the life of Job, among others shown in the Bible, I always walk away with goosebumps and more faith. Keep the Faith, whether the outcome is what we want it to be or not…
    Prayers for Bob!

  16. God wants us to know that even when all we have is hope, he is with us and wants us not to question but to have faith and to believe in him.

  17. I suggest that you get a copy of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. It is unusual among the scriptures of the world’s religions, the Tao Te Ching is not a chronicle of gods and heroes. Instead, it is a series of meditations on the paradoxical nature of the Tao—the way, the guiding principle, the great mother, the source of all existence. According to the author, Lao Tzu ( a name meaning “The Old Master”), the great Tao is found where we would least expect it—not in the strong but the weak; not in speech but in silence; not in doing but in “not doing.” Wise yet worldly, spiritual yet earthy, the Tao Te Ching is beloved by seekers all the world over.

    “A testament to humanity’s at-home-ness in the universe. It can be read in half an hour or a lifetime.” ~ Houston Smith

    I am 78 years old with a degree in Religious Studies and have struggled with the same questions you are having. The Tao Te Ching will change your life and how you think in this world.

  18. God bless your friend Bob. I have always been a believer that we are never to question God , there is never an answer to “why “. Bob must believe, have faith and trust in God, because only God knows the answer. I am a 30 year survivor of lung cancer and they had to remove my whole left lung. If it’s operable the survival rate is very good. Chemotherapy is better today than it was 30 years ago and I had both. The doctor was my second opinion and I thank God and him for being here today. I still see him once a year and get a chest x ray. I recently saw him and we both commented that it is 30 years. He said I am his longest surviving patient and that brought tears to my eyes. Tell Bob to hang in there and never let go

  19. Prayers for Mr Bob!🙏🙏🙏. I get in moods like you today, like when a teenager walks in an elementary school with a AK rife and takes 19 INNOCENT lives and Two teachers. Where was God?! He could have done something to save those children! WHY didn’t God intervene!? Never understand. It really breaks my heart! 🙏🙏🙏

  20. As a relatively new viewer who will be 80 years old in a few days, I have downloaded, but have trouble navigating new venues, so I apologize for that. I definitely will pray for your friend, Bob, and for your peace of mind. I have the same questions for God that you have, so no help there. I may have lost a lot of mobility to arthritis, and skin cancers removed every few months, but basically have been very Blessed in my health. I enjoy watching your walks, but on AZ time, not live. God Bless all good people everywhere. Sincerely

  21. I often scream at God cause i don’t understand.
    But someone told me maybe he wants the good ones first.

  22. Prayers for your friend Bob🙏
    46 years ago I was drowning and had a Near-Death Experience which completely changed my perspective about the meaning and purpose of my human life on earth. To keep this message reasonable in length instead of easily becoming book, I’ll respond to your question as simply as possible without the supporting background info…..”God” or as I know it, as Source of the energy of all creation, does not judge us, instead, we judge ourselves with Him to assist in our reflection of our life. The challenges, opportunities, and situations we face are all for the purpose of the spiritual evolution and advancement of our soul. Our body dies, our consciousness, personality and emotions live on in the other realm people call heaven or the other side, where we go to further evaluate, learn, rest and decide if/when we want to experience another human life again. God doesn’t cause any of what we say is evil or bad, people are choosing to do that through Free Will. Often, and sadly, progress comes from horrible events. I personally think our job now as “good” people knowing right from wrong and having common sense is to stand up and speak up and fight for what we know is the right thing to do. We (humanity) are in a spiritual battle of good & evil. Showing kindness and love is the most important thing, including tough love when appropriate.
    Blessings to you, keep up the great work!!

  23. I know exactly what you’ve feeling about questioning your faith because I’ve been questioning why I have lung disease and never smoked! Thank God for your CBD SOFTGELLS! They help me a lot! Wish I had an answer for you and me😍 I’m so sorry about your friend who has had Cancer three times and hope he’ll be ok!

    Try to trust God keep your faith like I do and please tell Ashley I said thanks again for helping me with my CBD softgel order!

    Stay healthy and God Bless you and your family!

    Cheryl L Smith

  24. I will pray for Bob. He sounds like an outstanding human being. I have no answers as to why God seems to overlook certain good people. Maybe he know that they are strong in their faith and can handle it. Maybe it’s a message to the rest of us that we need to give thanks for all that we have been given and not just take everything for granted. I’m going through a similar thing. My son, Damien has been diagnosed with cancer. At first it was just the lymph nodes but they looked further and found a spot on the back of his tongue. He will be having surgery soon. The surgery and the treatment involve a lot. I hate to see my family suffering and I find myself questioning God too. My son is an honorable man, a great husband, father, and friend. He is an extremely talented welder and is in high demand. I worry because he has his own shop, works alone, and is committed to projects he has started. He is in the process of building a new house and large garage for his business. I worry because he worries about letting his family down ( which I know is the least of their worries. I want to know why God burdened him with such an illness. He’s a good honest man. Why did God pick him? I have done things wrong, things that I regret and am extremely sorry for and yet he chose my son. I question that perhaps He is testing or punishing me or my ex. God is not vengeful but I just don’t understand why things like that don’t seem th happen to terrible people. Please add my son to your prayers as I continue to pray for you and yours. You are one of the good guys. You are loved. Frances

  25. I always ask the same question…why does God allow bad things to happen to good good people. I will pray for Bob. He sounds like a great person. God bless Bob and I pray for healing. 🙏🙏🙏

  26. DML, I’m so sorry about your friend Bob. My thoughts and prayers are with him . We often ask the question why these terrible things happen to such good people and why do the wicked always get ahead? Go to the book of Job where God released that hedge of protection around Job so that the devil would cause all the terrible things to happen him. Job was persecuted, lost everything. Had sores all over his body. Chapter 38 God reminds Job who He is ( Our Creator) . And talking about how is it that the wicked seem to get ahead… go to Psalms 37 read all the way down to verses 7 -20 and to the end. Romans 12:19 “…for it is written, Vengeance is Mine;I will repay, saith the Lord.” Deuteronomy 32:35. Again, I’m sorry for your friend Bob. We can really never know why these things happen but I do know that if we turned to Him in faithfulness and praise that He will deliver. 🙏🏻❤️

  27. Dennis, Satan has rule over the wickedness we see every day in this world. He comes to kill, steal and destroy and he knows his time is short so he’s working overtime!
    I’ve asked these same kinds of questions through the years but I’ve come to realize that the devil isn’t going to mess with evil people. They’re no problem, they are already his. He tries to bring the suffering on the believers. I do not know your dear friend’s relationship with Jesus. I pray he has one. But I do not believe God brought this on him and I’m so sorry to hear his struggle. I pray for him in Jesus name for peace, strength and healing. And for you as well.
    Those people that are getting away with evil will get their just reward…..
    Jesus is coming soon!
    Be well and God bless you and your sweet friend.

  28. Dennis, Satan has rule over the wickedness we see every day in this world. He comes to kill, steal and destroy and he knows his time is short so he’s working overtime!
    I’ve asked these same kinds of questions through the years but I’ve come to realize that the devil isn’t going to mess with evil people. They’re no problem, they are already his. He tries to bring the suffering on the believers. I do not know your dear friend’s relationship with Jesus. I pray he has one. But I do not believe God brought this on him and I’m so sorry to hear his struggle. I pray for him in Jesus name for peace, strength and healing. And for you as well.
    Those people that are getting away with evil will get their just reward…..
    Jesus is coming soon!
    Be well and God bless you and your sweet friend.

  29. I’m very sorry for what your friend is going through. I will keep Bob in my prayers. I wish I had answers to your questions. I’ve often had doubts too. I was away from God and my faith for a long time but I returned to him 2 yrs ago. Im still learning about my Catholic faith. There is so much to learn. I realized Catholic school didn’t do a good job of teaching. I never read the Bible till last year and I’m 63 yrs old. Our time on earth is not what matters because God has a place for all of us in heaven. There’s a lot to be said about how to get there but there is also a place in hell for those who don’t believe in God, who are evil and do not repent for their sins before death or in purgatory. Prayer is powerful. Never stop praying. Jesus wants you to keep him in your presents all day every day. Father in heaven in Jesus’ name I pray for healing for Bob. I hope I helped you even a little bit.

  30. God gives us difficult times and tasks to prepare for our tasks ahead. But it’s all for the good. Dennis I had that same bone cancer in my jaw and skull 2004 after 9/11. 18 hrs of surgery, removal of all teeth and 60 days of treatments out of the country, by God’s grace I was cured. Honestly after a heart attack, cancer, broken back, and a stroke, God keeps bringing me back stronger. So keep the faith Brother, Christ said we will go through the difficult to have glory in our next life. I pray Bob recovers and that both of you find strength.

  31. A struggle with faith comes from Satan. Many people who do bad things are under this evil influence. They will not go to Heaven, and we may never see their punishment on earth. We need to keep faith. We learn from our experiences whether good or bad. It is our test here on earth. Praying for Bob. God bless your work and America. HE is in control.

  32. Sorry to hear about your good friend Bob. I’m praying for him. 🙏🏼 Unfortunately, sometimes, we can pray for people to live and they die anyway. When my Father was dying of Congestive Heart failure in his 80’s, I prayed and prayed to God for him to live, but, he died. It was hard to watch my Father wither away and be in pain each day until his death. The only thing I could think was that he had to die to live again pain free. If he would have lived why would I want him to suffer? He had already lost his Wife and Son and had suffered enough. I remember my Dad standing in our kitchen and hearing him say, “God, why am I still here?” He wanted to go and be with his wife and Son. So, as far as I’m concerned, God answered him. We all wonder about God, but, no one has all the answers, not even Pastors, but, I know personally that the closer I get to God, the more Evil seems to come my way that I have to fight against! Why is that? There has to be a reason beyond this life! That’s what gives me HOPE. Without it, life would not be worth living! Good will always prevail over Evil in the end no matter how bad life gets. Please don’t lose your Faith and Hope in God. 💟✝️

  33. Prayers for Bob and his family and friends.
    There is a higher power, and God is that higher power. I have MS, and I pray for God to help me deal with the symptoms of the disease, but I never question why God gave me this disease. If the world was perfect because God made it that way, we would never grow as a person as we deal with hardships. I had asked God to show me a sign that I’m better off since my husband of 16 years left me because of my MS, and the next day there was a television show about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which I’d never heard of before, but I had this strong feeling that I had to watch this show. It was then that I learned that my ex-husband had this disorder, and the only way a woman could live a normal life was to get out of this relationship. I had my answer. This has happened to me several times.

  34. Why does God…

    Please understand, I gave up FaceBook long, long ago, even as so many have, so I cannot relate to you there. Accept my sincere thanks for not limiting comment to the FB forum; but more importantly know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours as they are with John and his own, and with Bob and his own. I am moved in heart, mind and soul to so want to wrap my arms around all of you and assure you that with God, even when it seems all wrong, at some point, place and time, He will make it all right.

    I know what you’re going through. The wonder, the doubt, the fear and confusion, there not being much of anything horrible that I’ve not experienced in my life. So many were the times that I have fallen to the ground, wracked with grief and the inability to make sense out of anything, as when our 34 year old mother lost her near three year long battle against cancer which left the three of us impoverished orphans.

    Being the oldest of we three, and being just a few month shy of turning 15, my brother and sister implored of me from out of their fear and grief, “What do we do now?” For the first time in our young, troubled, lives I didn’t have an answer, because at that moment, at that time, to simply have said as I always did, “We hold onto our faith and just keep trusting God. He will make a way.” Even as He always had, keeping true to His word that no children of His would be found begging for bread.

    That isn’t to say that we weren’t oftentimes hungry. We were more often than not. Hungry and cold and sometimes homeless, abused, abandoned and even then orphaned. But only when we were orphaned did I become helpless and hopeless, falling face first into the grass and screamed out onto my God, “Why!” And even “How could you!”

    Why? Tears stream down my face as I write this to you now so well remembering and feeling all of the helplessness and uselessness I’d never experienced before. Unlike all other troubling times I our lives there has always been something I could do to make things better, more safe sound and secure for my brother and sister, and even our mother who I’d had to take care of too, God giving me the ability to, through her brave efforts to survive cancer; but this time I could not!

    And it was okay that I couldn’t. His plan didn’t include me, us, just keeping on and going on as we always had in His having always been there providing the means through which we’d see our way through, whatever it was. His plan was to allow us to become even orphaned so that the heart of a lowly 7th grade teacher and his family would be so moved that he and his wife would move their own three children over to make room for the three of us, no matter how short a period of time it was that we were able to live with them. 6-7 months.

    In spite of their efforts, and the cost of trying to adopt us the Court decided it best that we be placed with “blood” relatives, and relatives were found out of state to take us in. (There’s much I could say about that!) so we were ripped away from this family and placed with relative strangers, in another state, separate and apart from one another. That was the time of my 2nd or 3rd nervous breakdown, no matter my young age and you bet I was crying out to God and bashing my fists into the ground,my heart shattered with fear and doubt and uncertainty, but I need not have doubted. I but needed to hold on to my faith and WAIT to see what beauty God was going to bring up out of all of the ugly, as He did; as He ALWAYS does.

    We were the first foster kids this teacher and his family took in; but we weren’t the last. After us they took in near 70 others, over the course of the years that followed. 70 kids rescued. 70 lives saved. 70 lives changed, and their future generations, all for the better and all because there was once just the three of us.

    Hold on, DML. Understanding is on the way. God does not cause bad things to happen but He does use good people, oftentimes through suffering and fear, to teach other people how to and just to care for one another, if even so that something good and right can come to be out of all of the ugly …. and YOU know that, don’t you….

  35. I guess I should add, as God moves me to, I’m still there. I’m still waiting – in the wake of having been married for 35 years to a man who suffered mental illness. In a few months it will be two years since he followed through with his age old threat to kill himself and did. The family is shattered, which is something I can’t explain to our, my, multiple disabled son who was pulled through the loss of everything he’d ever known. His family. His home. The relationship he had with his PCA who helped me with him. It’s hard. It’s hard not to ask God, why…. And I do ask, and cry, and scream at Him sometimes, but He doesn’t mind. He cries, and screams, and flails His arms about too, sometimes.

    But then I get alone and quiet and still so that I might not miss His whisper.

  36. I never forgot what my pastor said, “Never give up what you do know,for what you don’t know” “God loves me,God is good,God is working out a perfect plan in my life”


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