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Today is November 12.  For the past twelve days I’ve been offering a free bottle of 6.7oz Miracle Me CBD Pain Relief Body Oil as part of an incentive for people to join TeamDML as an annual member.  The offer is for both existing members, and for non members.  To join TeamDML, go to or use tab 5 on the DML NEWS APP.

The offer for the free bottle of Miracle Me for non members ends Monday, November 14 at midnight Pacific.  If you are an existing member who pays annually, you will receive a free bottle regardless of when you renew this month or in December.  If you are a monthly payer, you must convert to an annual membership before November 15, to receive your free bottle. If you do not understand how to upgrade please contact us ASAP via the email: [email protected]

So, to repeat, if you are NOT an existing annual member, meaning, you currently pay monthly, or if you are not a member at all but thinking of joining, you MUST sign up for an annual membership before midnight on Monday, Nov. 14.

In addition to the free bottle of Miracle Me, all TeamDML annual members receive 30% off all purchases of DML CBD starting January 1, 2023.  How does it work? As a member, starting January 1, 2023, there will be links on for you to follow when ordering.  This will lead you to the 30% off section that only you can use.  The links can ONLY be accessed via your membership.  Read Terms of Service for more information.

There are other membership benefits that are important to consider.  For starters, my daily podcast will no longer be available in its full form to non members.  In short, to enjoy every show in its entirety you must be a member of TeamDML.  The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast will offer an abbreviated version to non members, which can be accessed via the DML NEWS APP, Spotify, iHeart, Apple Podcasts, and Facebook.  The abbreviated version will be approximately 15-minutes, whereas the full show is typically 45-minutes to one hour.  In addition, the show is changing in the sense we are offering two days of straight news and politics with me hosting alone.  And the other three days will be me interviewing a news maker, expert, or person of great interest.  During those interviews, TeamDML members will post questions for the guest.  It is very interactive.

Also, with TeamDML membership, you get access to the full version of the Wine & Talk Podcast that airs most weekends.  My wife, Miss Mary, and I spend 40-minutes discussing life in America.  Typically, the show is very funny as Mary and I share a bottle of wine during our discussions.  The free version of the program for non members will be only 10-minutes in length.  Again, members will be invited to ask us questions, and we will answer them during the program.

The podcasts will be available in both audio and video to members.  Non members will get the abbreviated version on audio only.

Another feature, which we are working on now and expect to have ready by January 1, is the ad-free news articles on the DML NEWS APP.  Currently, members get ad-free news but it’s accessible only from the website, which is available via a link on tab 5 (DML NEWS APP).  In 2023, we are trying to make it so you can use tab 1 on the DML NEWS APP by simply using your email address.  The concept is a member types in their email address and presto, the articles have no ads.  Also worth noting, the podcasts for members are also ad free.  The abbreviated version will have ads.

Two more features worth mentioning are the LIVE CHAT, and the text messaging service we are implementing in 2023.  The LIVE CHAT on is always active; members are on the chat all day long.  It is a great way to share your thoughts in real time, and to make friends with like-minded people.  As for the text messaging service, in 2023 members will have access to 4 cell phone numbers. One number goes to me; one connects to Ashley; one goes to my son Denny, and the other one goes to my son Ryan.  If you have a question or comment about DML CBD, it leads to Ashley.  If you have a question or comment about the podcast, it leads to Denny.  Anything you need with the DML NEWS APP goes to Ryan, and general questions and comments regarding memberships goes to me. In short, we are trying really hard to be more interactive with our members.

NOTES:  If you have already purchased your Miracle Me CBD bottle, but have not heard from us please do not fret — it is by design. Our goal is to enter all new members all at once. Thus, Ashley will begin the process of shipping the bottles on Nov 15.  And in your shipment will be the instructions you need to access and your new membership.  To the contrary, if you are already an annual member, and if your membership has renewed, Ashley will be contacting you in late December for your shipping address.  Your bottle will ship after Christmas.  We just have too many members to do it before that timeframe.  If you have NOT heard from Ashley via email by January 1, please use the CONTACT US link on the DML NEWS APP and we will be in touch.

And last but not least, if you are a monthly paying member, or if you pay quarterly or bi-annually, please note you are being grandfathered in for 2023.  If you do not upgrade by Nov 14, 2022, you will continue to receive access to TeamDML for as long as you pay your dues, and you will get access to the full podcasts, but you will NOT receive the other benefits listed above.  So please consider going to an annual membership.

I appreciate your membership and support.

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