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At the very bottom of this post is the photo of the day, and some of the responses I’ve given to emails sent in over the past 24-hours.

To send a photo, use the [email protected] email address. To send a message use the submit news button.

Paul Ryan’s seat will go blue.
A seat flip seems to happen every time when a deeply entrenched incumbent retires.

Paul Nehlen ran against Ryan last cycle and is doing the same this time around. I met him in 2016 right after he entered the race. Seemed like a genuine America First guy.
He was a big Trump cheerleader until about 9 months ago when he realized Trump won’t follow through on his campaign promises but then he started attacking Jews and Bretibart dropped him. Twitter banned his old account for some reason last year.
He’s kind of flipped his lid now though. Look at his post from last night:
These Midwest districts need someone who is “nice” because they don’t feel the pain we’re feeling here out in CA. I think WI-1 has turned into kind of an even district to begin with.

DML: I’ve interviewed Paul a few times.   He goes a bit extreme at times.

Good Morning Dennis,
Thank You DML for all the news that you and your staff is putting out!!!!
Having a Heat wave in Huntington Beach, CA..
Have a Merry Monday…and SMILE !!!

DML: Thanks! Stay cool.

Keep fighting the good fight.   If you haven’t seen Randy Quaid doing his Shakespearean version of Trump tweets on Twitter you are missing out.  Good stuff and I mean this in a positive way.   Yes Randy is out there but check it out you will get a laugh and feel inspired.

DML: I will.  There is nothing wrong with having a good laugh.

Dml my beautiful daughter- in- law committed suicide on July 4th!
These doctors in Colorado kept giving her ambien and it was like poisonous medicine to her knowing it would damage her psychologically! She took about 20 ambien and a bunch of Xanax!
She took them and then hung her self in the closet!
The doctors kept giving it to her!
The doctor actually called my son and told him to come in to his office and asked him how he was doing! My son of course told him he was so so sick and couldn’t sleep! DML this doctor offered him ambien to help him sleep! My son was so upset that this doctor wanted him to take Ambien! These criminal doctors keep pushing that sleep medicine ambien! They have to be stopped! They need to take that medicine off the market! It hurts more people than it could ever help!
Thank you fir all you do! I’ve been in Colorado fir the last 10 days! It was so difficult time I’ve ever been through!
God bless you all!
Tell your listeners to not ever take ambien!
God bless you & Your beautiful family!

DML: I am sorry for your loss.

5th Time Is the Charm! MS-13 Gang Member Arrested Again After 4 Deportations!

DML: The United States of Illegal Aliens


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