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Below are my responses to the emails I received this morning and last night. I have issued responses to them, and at the very bottom is my photo of the day.

To send a photo, use the [email protected] address, and to send a message use the submit news button on this website.

The new Reality T.V series according to CTW this morning will be the HAMPTONS!
Produced by Kelly Ripka & her Husband Mark. It will not feature the stuffed shirts but Rather the Party Rentals of the Hamptons.I thought you might enjoy this bit of news.

DML: Kelly lives out here part time and she should know that people who live here full time hate that sort of thing. We don’t refer to our location as “the Hamptons.” We call it the “east end,” and the “party animals” are really just “disgusting animals.” I remember what it is like to be young, and I have 4 kids, but the behavior of these “party people” is not something I want in my backyard. Televising it will just draw more of these people in.  Build the wall to the Hamptons!

Just to say I missed weeks of videos from DML, because I was going to DML Facebook Home instead of DML Facebook Videos.  Stupid though it may be, I’m probably not the only one. Thanks, Terri

DML: I’ve said it a million times.  LOL.

Hi Dennis and Team DML,
Just wanted to send a quick email asking your thoughts on the recent video of various celebrities reading letters in the voice of illegal immigrants separated from their children… I wonder if these same celebrities would read letters in the voice of the parents of Americans who lost their children to illegal aliens… where is their empathy for them!  Beyond patronizing!!!
Many thanks for your unyielding devotion to truth and giving us, your team, a voice in this evermore liberal, evermore dishonest media! Lord knows we need you more than ever!
With great appreciation,

DML: I am outraged over this sort of thing.  Especially when one considers that I am neck-high in making a homeless film where each and every day I see and hear the reality of veterans and families living on the streets because they cannot afford homes.  Where is the support from Hollywood?

George Gomez. Peeing on Trump star…WOW, this country has gone mad.

DML: Gomez is a lowlife, talentless, not funny man who is the poster child for what you don’t want your kid to grow up to be like.  I can’t find the value he brings to this country.

This is not news. I’m trying to ask DML a question. Has he ever tried to meet with President Trump and explain to President Trump about how E-Verify could stop the immigration problem. Has trump seen any of the ML’s videos. If DML or anyone on his team can take the time to email me the answer to this question I would really appreciate it. I’ve been following DML news since the election in 2016. Keep up the good work!

DML: Trust me when I tell you that Mr Trump knows me very well, as does his team.  They know about e-Verify, but they do nothing about it because Trump doesn’t want the precious economy to take a hit.  This of course is a myth — the economy would flourish if we were not paying for these people existing in our country — but Trump ignores what he knows to be true.  All one has to do is look at the “4 pillars” of Trump’s immigration plan:  (1) Amnesty for DACA, (2) Wall, (3) End visa lottery, (4) Change from family reunification to merit based immigration.  NOWHERE does he end the incentive for people to come illegally, or to remain illegally.  They Come to America 4 will show how the wall will do virtually nothing.  It matters little, because the wall will never be built as promised.

Just want to take a minute to express how happy I am to have found you one day in October 2016.

I have followed you everyday since. The best thing has been your app this way if I miss something I can look it up on your app. Thank you for including your family so often. One of the reasons that lured me to Hannity he spoke of his family often. However he would wear me out with his rants but for some reason I understand and agree with your rants. I wish I could let loose like that but my pup would think I was crazy.

So many things I would like to say but you have a heaping helping on your plate already

At this time I can’t get your photo album or your videos. I plan to go back to work as a temp soon since jobs are again out there. Hard to give up my retirement but you know how it is. So save a set for me and soon I will put in my order so I can help with your next tour so the world can see how great America really is.

DML: Sandi, we recently had a lady named Susan buy an extra book to be donated to someone who could not afford one herself based on a comment she left on a live feed.  We tried finding the lady but could not.  Therefore, as of yesterday we have a book waiting for someone like yourself.  Email Mary at [email protected] and send her your address.   As for Hannity’s rants, you may be disheartened to know that his opening monologues are often written by someone else.  I know this for a fact.  I have many friends within the Fox News structure who are fed up with the network.  They tell me things sometimes which blow my mind.

DML I am sorry….I just don’t get it…Congress issues a subpoena. .Lisa Page defies they issue a contempt of congress…ok? Then what? I didn’t think that congress has the power to arrest or prosecute. what happens next?

DML: Nothing will happen.  Congress would have to put it in front of a judge.  From there a judge would have to rule.  The criminal offense of “contempt of Congress” sets the penalty at not less than one month nor more than twelve months in jail and a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $1,000.

Possible 2020 presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) sounded off while speaking at the Summit on the Economy on Wednesday, declaring that, “we need to stop the bullshit partisanship in this country.”

Booker was touting the need to train the future generation of Americans in 21st century skills like computer programing.

“Our grandparents showed us how to build a great economy. They were out training this generation of Americans, they were out investing in infrastructure this generation of Americans, they were out R&Ding this generation of Americans,” Booker said. “We need to stop the bullshit partisanship in this country. We really do.”

“We have more common ground then we care to admit, and we’re letting political opportunists on both sides of the aisle try to undermine the truth of this nation. That the ties that bind us are so much strong then the lines that divide us,” Booker said.

It’s ironic that Booker, who announced his opposition to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee before Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the pick, is calling for an end to the “partisanship in this country.”

DML: Booker is just another overrated politician.

I was wondering if you had heard about the Run for the Fallen? Run for the Fallen is a cross country run that George Lutz (Gold Star Father) planned for 2 years and executed. The run began April 7th in Fort Irwin, California and will end in Arlington National Cemetery on August 5th. The run is to remember, according to date of death, military members who died while active duty since October 12, 2000. Each day the runners begin at 7am, as the runners start they will be carrying a full size American Flag and a list of names of military members who were lost on the given day. When they reach the mile they will stop and have a ceremony along the side of the road. The ceremony consists of a symbolic mile marker (person who holds a paper mile marker), a person who will read the names of those who died that day. As the names are called a stick flag is tapped on the road and given to the symbolic mile marker. If any Gold Star family members are present, they will be given the stick flag. To see this you can go to their web page and click on the live news feed.

My son, LCPL Jordan Bastean’s died on October 23, 2011 his mile marker was near Westphalia, IN. It was mile #4 of day 84 and overall 3778 miles. I drove over 4 hours just to hear my sons name read. There was a family who drove from Colorado to hear theirs son’s name read the mile prior to mine. I know of a family from Bloomington, IL who went to Georgia to be at their son’s mile marker. There is such an outpouring from the Gold Star community and such lengths are being taken just to hear a loved ones name and to be present when they are honored.

The run is currently in Alabama and they were surprised when Randy Owens from Alabama waited over 2 hours along the roadside to sing the national Anthem for the runners. The founder, George, has stated that there has been absolutely no national media coverage of the run. Local media has been out to report each day but nothing more than that.

I was hoping this would be a story that DML would like to report on and maybe the national media would jump on the bandwagon, too.

DML: Anneta will run a story today.  Thank you for sending my way.  I thank your son for his service and am sorry for your loss.

Dennis here on a local channel in Kansas City kept is showing a what l assume is a documentary about Trump. It’s negative. Could you please check out what they are broadcasting and give your take on it ?

DML: I barely have the time to sleep, so unfortunately I cannot afford the time.  But honestly, why waste the time.  If you have some spare time, call the station and ask how ad revenue has done since Trump was elected.  That should send a message.

As you can see in the photo, my move from NJ to PA was kinda smooth. Still unpacking. Glad to be in a RED STATE, rather than Jersey. Finally no front plate required in PA, Just right for a DML TEAM Vanity plate (see photo).

Now as I settle in, will be able to keep up with you, also getting back to DML RAIDERS FOR THE TRUTH. Have missed you and Mary and the kids for time.   I realize now, you have been a part of my life, that I missed. This  move took a while to come to be. The circumstances were political, then I guess I am part of that statistic, that  people at times cannot agree to disagree. I am free now to express my opinions on my Love for this Country, and what it means to have that freedom of speech, and to bear arms. These freedoms seem to be so simple of our GOD giving laws, but have been turned up side down.

Dennis you have come a long way,  and those of us who have followed you have grown along way with you.  Some have bitterly fallen away,  but your perseverance and your wisdom have  reinforced Our love for This America.With all this said I raise my Team DML Sippy Cup, and say God Bless You , Your Family, Our Veterans, Law Enforcement, and President Trump.

DML: Tommy, I am very happy that you are happy with your new digs.  The license plate looks great and so does the truck with the DML water bottle atop.  Stay safe in PA as I hear there are lots of single women looking for TEAM DML men.  LOL.  Ultimately, a vanity plate is better than a tattoo in the event I go totally rogue and vote for Karmala Harris.  I would never do such a thing of course, but I’m sure there is bound to be a Facebook troll somewhere waiting to write that I will.   Enjoy PA.

PHOTO OF THE DAY comes in from Tommy.

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  1. Hi DML
    Thank you for always giving us the true news, i try to never miss your video of the day to let us know the truth, even when i was in Portugal to visit my family, at night I would listen to your video, and read the news since there we only had CNN or some TV channel from Britain.
    I have a question and you probably know it,how this people that been living in the US are able to work , to have a driving license etc?
    Over 10 years ago i met a young women from Brasil she was cleaning homes at the time, she confined with me that she been in the country illegally and she was scared,that was the time of President Bush the II , i asked how could she work if she need it a SSC she said was easy to get, many times illegals use SSC from US kids or simply a false SSC, also she said she paid her tax every year, i was surprised, why SSC service don’t check this problem, well also she knew all about all government help because she had a child here, things that i never heard of service, they are aloud because they make less money, she end up leaving to Brasil she had her mother and a daughter there..i believe some day every citizen will need to have an identification other than a SSC and a driving license, i came to this country 1980 and i came legal with proper papers, got my citizens papers in 1982 had to learn America History. Well thank you for your inspiration and passion to have a better controlled Immigration etc..Teresa


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