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At the very bottom of this post is the PHOTO of the DAY. Also below are some of the emails I received this morning and yesterday. My responses to them are included.

To send a photo, use the [email protected] address. To send a message, use the submit news button.

Good morning, DML & crew, I tried to share a memory on FB just know and I got this weird message…needless to say, FB wouldn’t let me share it 😡 This is a first for me although I have read plenty of your emails from people who have felt FB’s wrath!! I will try to send you the pictures – thankx for taking the time to read this! Love all that you, Ms. Mary & the rest of your crew do!!

DML: If I had a dollar for every time…

Hi Dennis! If you have spoken on this subject before, sorry, I missed it. You mentioned that Kavanaugh is not your 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice for the nominee. Why and who would be your choices to fill SCOTUS vacancies and why. Thanks!

DML: I’ll answer some of this question.  BK was not my first, second or third pick because I thought there were other judges who proved to be more in line with my POV on some issues.  That said, he is the pick made by Trump, and so I see no value in playing Monday morning quarterback.  A few weeks ago I said I would no longer get into the Fox News / CNN style of political discussions that do nothing more than fill the dead space.   So with all due respect to you, please understand I’m going to answer by say lets look forward and hope he is a good judge.

Hi DML! If you could interview anyone, who would it be?  These are my choices President Trump, DML and a Secret Service Agent.

DML: I am honored to have you insert me into your list.  To be honest, I would try to make you laugh the entire time so it wouldn’t be much of an interview.  LOL.  If I could interview anyone, I would want it to be someone who has not been interviewed before, or someone who needs to be grilled for actions of the past.  My first choice — as of today — is Nikolas Cruz, the monster who carried out Parkland.   If I was granted a second choice, I would like to interview Obama.  The only conservative to ever interview him was O’Reilly, and I think he went too easy.

Dear Dennis
I wrote and you answered last week regarding how you disagree with giving to foreign countries. I know the USA gives billions of dollars to foreign countries but I truly believe the common person never sees a dime of that money. My point I was trying to make is this, if thousands of people donated to Compassion International they would directly impact the people that need it. The money we send to foreign countries goes into the pockets of those who don’t need it.
I love all that you do. You are one of the few where I get my information and answers from. Keep it up!

Is there a way to donate directly to you without using PayPal or any other third party? I want to start a monthly donation but I want you to get it all and not pay fees to someone else.

DML: Thanks for clarifying your position.  As for fees, whether it’s to a charity or not, cashing checks and taking in payments comes with a cost.  It’s an inevitable reality.  Credit Cards, Pay Pal, banks… the fees are there and impossible to avoid.    Thanks for your email and support.

Hi DML. Findings of the Pew survey that said people considered Obama to be the best president in their lifetime, was not necessarily reliable or objective. I went to their site and read their article from July 11th.

It included how the survey was done and more specifics on methodology. My take away is that the survey was mainly a reflection of age bias. Also, there were no details regarding the participants race, gender, ethnicity, location (city, suburbs can rural) and whether these variables were equally distributed among those surveyed. Such built-in variables must be controlled if the information gathered and the conclusions reached is to be considered reliable. None of these things were transparent. The survey was a bust having at best mild entertainment value. Didn’t warrant a walk and talk.

DML: Sounds like you don’t like the results of the survey and want to discredit it in any way possible.  Although I don’t think the results reflect rationale thinking, I am not shocked by the results, nor will I poke holes in what the final tally reads.  Obama was a terrible president, but the poll stating his is the best of all time is right in line with America’s downgrade.  Remember, Obama was reelected after Americans knew what he was doing to the country.  That said, if you don’t mind, I’m going to decide what warrants my time and Walk & Talks.

Your Walk & Talk about the Obama poll results from Pew was spot on today.  It was most likely why my FB crashed right after I started watching it.  I came to Dennis Michael Lynch website to watch it.

DML: I thought it was telling that I had to write down all the wrongs carried out by Obama in order to verbally list them all.  I simply couldn’t remember them all without having a cheat sheet.

Dennis — First of all … I AM a long-time supporter of President Trump.
This not so much about reporting something, as it is about uncovering the reason “Why?” of something I have CONSISTENTLY seen on other sites . . . I am actually “sick” of seeing the same question all the time!

I might add . . . that now . . . today . . . I have seen it on your site too! Because I trust you (and your site) to give me a truthful answer, I’m asking you ……… to respond to my question just why we see so repetitive questions . . . i.e., “surveys” . . . on the internet . . . raised about whether or not President Trump is a “good” president . . . or whether he is “doing a good job, etc., etc?” G-e-e-e-e-z — EVERY day I feel I’m being “flooded” with this same question! It’s actually exasperating! Something else . . . I do not recall seeing repetitive “surveys” like these on past presidents (I fall into “umbrella” of “senior citizen”).

By the way, I try to answer EACH time I see the question, not only because I REALLY like President Trump, but also because I sense that the “same question” is being “re-asked” to somehow elicit a “different” response . . . also to reinforce the fact that the question is still “on people’s minds.” Know what I mean? I’m wondering what your thoughts are on this?

DML: Polls and surveys are a way of life.  There is no way around them.  I can’t answer why other sites post polls, I can only speculate.  If they are like me, they want to get the pulse of their readers and how they feel at the moment.  For example, when Trump killed the Paris Agreement, our readers were jumping for joy over Trump.  When he tweeted a million times about his love of DACA, our readers were less in love with him.   Other sites, I assume, use the polls as a way to generate traffic and clicks.  No different than how Fox News airs commercial teases during the day about who is appearing on Hannity later that night.

I was disappointed that you or your writer opted to title an article in this way: “Trumps’ tea with queen does not end as planned.” My heart sunk, only to read and discover it went 17 minutes LONGER than anticipated. I found this misleading title to be unnecessary and very clickbait-ish.

DML: It was not me who wrote the title, but you would have seen that by reading the article. Either way, unlike this president, and the ones before him (notwithstanding Reagan), I will not pawn the blame off onto my writer.   What is published on my websites is my responsibility to bear.   That said, I am disappointed that you would take the time to send me this email.  Although it was not the title I would have written, technically, her title is correct.  Tracy is a fantastic writer, and I stand by her.   My team works 7-days a week for all 52 weeks with never taking a day off from reporting the news.  On average, we publish 70 articles per day.  That equates to more than 35,000 titles per year.  I find it disheartening that you, and others like you, would go out of your way to give me crap about one or two of them.

Strzok hearing yesterday 7/12, congressman Cohen believes Strzok deserves the Purple Heart for what he’s being put through.

DML: My father received a Purple Heart in Vietnam.  I am was sickened by the statement.

Hello, I am not getting your text message alerts. I really need them. How can I get them back?

DML: I would suggest deleting the DML APP and reinstalling.  Be sure to put the notifications on.  Also try to subscribe to our SMS.  Text message this to 40404: Follow @realDennisLynch

I’m really curious about Ms. Page’s testimony – I would greatly appreciate your input!! Than you!

DML: With all due respect, as I mentioned above in one of my responses, I am not at all interested in this political nonsense. These sort of hearings never amount to anything but a waste of time and money.  I prefer to focus on stuff that matters, such as working on solving homelessness, securing the borders, protecting our kids at school and lowering healthcare costs.  I have great ideas and solutions for all of these things.  I am thirsty for someone to send me an email asking how.

Hi Dennis – Thanks for taking the time to read my email.   I love your walk n talks because they help me to better understand the news.  I’d like to learn more about the tariffs that Trump is imposing and the issues at NATO and was hoping you could do a walk n talk to explain it in detail.  Please?  🙂  I’m sure there are many others that follow you that would love that too.  Also, good job getting your YouTube back!  Booyah!!!

DML: Considering there are no immigration laws enforced, I can get away with this scenario / lesson….

Imagine two night clubs across the street from each other.  One is located in Mexico, one is located in Arizona, both of them on the border.

When an American goes into the Mexican bar, he is charged a cover fee just to get into the bar.  Then, when he orders a beer, he is charged $5 for the drink, plus another $1 tariff.   But when a Mexican man comes into the Arizona bar, he is not charged a cover nor does he pay a tariff (fee) placed atop of the cost of the beer.   Doesn’t seem fair.

Now insert Trump.   He is trying to get Mexico to eliminate the cover charge and $1 fee.  If they do not, he is going to charge every Mexican patron a massive cover charge at the Arizona bar, and a $2 fee.  Plus, he is going to put a massive tariff on the beers imported from Mexico, thus, encouraging Americans to start their own breweries.

As for NATO.  Imagine your neighborhood PTA where one mom does all the work and funds most of the initiatives out of her own pocket while the other moms do little but criticize her.  That one mom = USA.


The liberal open border Brits couldn’t find anything better to do, so they protested Trump’s London visit with signs about the southern border.  Perhaps these people need to find better ways to spend their time?  How about they visit a drug cartel and see how they’d like to live next to one.

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