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At the very bottom of this post is the photo of the day, and it’s a good one. Before you get there, take a look a the emails sent in and my responses to them.

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I thought Trump showed his worst side while at the press conference with Putin. I understand the ugliness with the FBI probe and the bias of Comey and crew, but our intelligence agencies are our bread and butter as a nation. The majority of men and women making up these agencies are good people… patriotic Americans… honest citizens who defend our nation. Trump tossed them all under the bus and showed how weak he appears next to a strong personality like Putin. Trump’s ego is the size of the planet. I was ashamed to have voted for him. The economy being on the upside isn’t enough for me to overlook his pathetic performance.

DML: I have said it a million times, Trump is a great marketer, and he deserves mounds of credit for the economy, but he is a poor leader when it comes to humbling himself. Real leaders put others before themselves. Trump put himself before his entire country while standing next to one of the most dishonest, brutal leaders of our lifetime.

Putin is no friend to the US. Don’t overlook that fact.  He played Trump like a grand piano yesterday, and although I know it has everything to do with his ego, the Democrats will use this as fuel to enrage the “Russia collusion” fire.

As far as I am concerned, when dealing with Putin, Trump fell right in line with Obama and Hillary yesterday.  I say this because I squirmed in my carseat as I listened to him allow Putin to come away looking like Jesus.

And then later on to watch Sean Hannity kiss Trump’s ass even more than he already does was pathetic.  How can Hannity hold that interview and not make a single reference to what Trump said about our intelligence and Putin’s meddling?

Hannity’s opening monologue was just what I thought it would be… all about Obama and Hillary.   Although I am no fan of either of them, they are old news and irrelevant in how Trump handled himself.  Hannity tried to pawn off that “Russia hacking” is no new news, and this was all about nuclear war being avoided. Seriously, Sean? Putin having nuclear weapons is really old news, and there is no real threat of nuclear war.  Talk about spin room fear mongering!

Hannity, in my opinion, has become all about his ratings, and although he would be the first to say he is not a journalist, people believe he is delivering “the news.”  That’s how sad the media has become as a whole.

I know Sean all too well —  had it been Obama who pulled the crap Trump pulled yesterday, he’d be ranting and raving for weeks about how Obama is anti-American and in dissing our intel agencies he puts American lives at risk.  And then, when that storyline got old, he’d revert to comments about how Obama slapped every Marine and Army Soldier in the face when he pimped Putin.  But because it’s Trump, and because Hannity feels emboldened by his place at the top of Trump’s phone list, he plays the kiss-ass card.

That said, the staunch Trump and Hannity lovers who bow at the alter to these men will hate on me for my honesty here today.  Therefore, I guess it’s that time of year again when we shake the trees and rid of the dead leaves.  Some will say DML will lose lots of followers after today’s Walk & Talk.  I prefer to call it pruning.

Reminder: I am not a subscriber to the RIGHT v LEFT war.   I understand the LEFT has their wackos, but so does the RIGHT.  And I understand the mainstream media is getting worse by the day, but so to is Hannity.   At some point you have to ask yourself if you are RIGHT v LEFT, or RIGHT v WRONG.  All I know is this:  If I had room for just one bumper sticker on my car, and I had to chose between I LOVE AMERICA, I LOVE TRUMP, or I LOVE HANNITY, it wouldn’t take more than a nanosecond to determine which one gets put on.

As NRA members we receive the monthly magazine America’s 1st Freedom.  The August issue arrived yesterday.  There is an article I just read, “Should Gun Owners Fear The Deep State?”   I am sickened by what I just read.  I was unaware of Obama’s Operation Choke Point and how it ruined legitimate businesses.  I was unaware the the DEA and ATF use license plate readers to round up information about gun show attendees.  The nation-wide attempted mental health gun grab included eating and sleeping disorders or just feelings of inadequacy.  A rancher in California who registered one of his guns  to meet the state’s requirements is now being charged with 12 felonies, they confiscated 12 of his guns, all his ammo and later released on $150,000 bond.  All for attempting to follow the law.   As the article states, ” Those who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear” is no longer true in this country.  I hope you have an opportunity to read the article.

DML: Operation Choke Point was a 2013 initiative of the United States Department of Justice, which would investigate banks in the United States and the business they do with firearm dealers, payday lenders, and other companies believed to be at higher risk for fraud and money laundering.  The current DOJ leadership put an end to it, so there’s nothing to worry about concerning OCP.

Look, it’s simple to understand how this all works.  The Left believes in less guns, the Right believes in more guns.  If you are a defender of the 2A, it’s all more important to have the Supreme Court filled with pro-2A.

Good Morning! Today, Facebook’s Monika Bikert will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on content filtering practices.

Recently, Monika also sat down with Ben Domenech at The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss Facebook’s new community standards and content appeals process. Highlights of the full interview are below.
BEN DOMENECH:  How many people do you think work for Facebook today you have opinions that are at all right of center.

MONIKA BICKERT: Oh Gosh, it would be very hard for me to say. For one thing my team is in eleven offices around the globe, a couple of those are in the US. But when you think about the issues in the US and then you think about India, Or Germany, OR Australia, its…


MONIKA BICKERT: …You have all these different factions of those places as well. I will tell you that on my team we have a broad variety of views and experience but we also maintain relationships with groups outside the company that have very frequent input into our policy. So, a few weeks ago we were deciding should we redefine our policy about photos of fetuses. It sounds like a horrible area, but frankly this is something that is political speech to many people and it’s something that we do see on our service so we do reach out to pro-life groups, to pro-choice groups, we understood how this speech was important to them or upsetting to them, and then we reached a policy consensus and that consensus was that speech was going to be allowed on Facebook unless somebody is sharing it to…with sadistic commentary or celebrating violence, but we really do try hard to get views from broad perspectives….

BEN DOMENECH: I feel like one of the things that come up though within this context, is, the dangers that come from quoting scripture if you are Jewish or Christian Or Muslim, That can be used or construed as being an expression of hate; whether towards Gay americans, trans americans, or others. How do you deal with that challenge?

MONIKA BICKERT:  Well one thing I want to say about our hate speech policy, is that we draw a real distinction between criticizing ideas or institutions or countries, or religious vs. attacking people. You can come to Facebook and you can say “This country is evil’. You can criticism homosexuality. You can talk about certain religions and say “this religion is hurting our country”.  Those are things you can say on Facebook. They might not be comfortable for people to hear but that’s why we allow people to block others and not follow pages and so forth. Where we draw the line is where when people are actually attacking members of that religions or citizens of that country. Once you are attacking people, we are going to remove that speech.

BEN DOMENECH: It just seems to me to be a difficult line to draw given what you are taking about here is: If you are an orthodox muslim you can say “I don’t believe in gay marriage, I think that gay marriage should not be legal, and its sinful and I don’t like it. “ Uhm, the people who are gay who see that will describe that as hatespeech,  but what you’re saying is that because that isn’t targeted at “My neighbor Bob is gay he is married to a guy and that’s sinful and I hate it and  I think it shouldn’t be legal, that that’s the distinction.

MONIKA BICKERT: That’s right, and it’s not perfect, we know that, and hate speech is probably our most difficult policy in terms of drawing a line that will make sense to everybody globally. We’ve got all these different people in different parts of the world who see these issues very differently know that where we draw the line won’t please everybody. But what we try to focus on is where speech is explicitly attacking people. That starts to feel different that people criticizing their religion or homosexuality. You’re right, we do hear very frequently, in fact there was a news story that we say maybe a week ago that was about criticizing islams. we were asked why we weren’t removing this as many people were viewing it has offensive hate speech. That speech is okay on facebook. It might make people uncomfortable they don’t have to look at it. They can also engage in counter speech. They can saw “You don’t understand islam? You’re getting it wrong and that’s fine. Just draw the line where it is attacks on people.

DML: I will be watching today.  Thanks for sharing this.  Very interesting.

Good Morning Dennis, I Thank You DML from the very bottom of my heart !!!!!I cannot tell you what a delight it was for me to have you answer my e-mail. My entire household kept telling me that the odds of your ever answering me were a million one..

My entire house LOVES DML even though they did not think you really would reply… Again, A Huge Thank You for all of your tireless work that you put into bring us” truthful news”…

Greetings to Miss Mary and thank her too for her “Mary’s Café” LIFE…. Love the concept and love what she posts.. A wonderful heartfelt Thank You to your outstanding children for their fine work…and that goes for the DML Staff also!!!!!

May God continue to Bless You, your family and your business…Have a Terrific Tuesday!

DML: Two days in a row I answer your email.  Thanks for the support.

ARIZONA. I feel like Trump won’t endorse Ward or Arpaio because he’s trying to split the vote to get McSally in there. I like Arpaio but he didn’t even win his own race and he’s polling 3rd.

McSally is a pro-DACA RINO. If you have any way to influence Sheriff Joe, maybe consider nudging him to drop out and support Ward. Good luck I guess. I’ll also contact some other people who might know him.

DML: Nudge S. Joe?  That’s like trying to walk on water. The man is as determined as they come. He served his state proudly for a long time.  I am sure he will look at the polls sooner than later and realize he’s had a good run, but it’s time to enjoy the private life.  Either way, I thank him for his service.

Love my photo book DML! Thank You!

DML: No, thank you!  Yours is the Photo of the Day.

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