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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

Hey it’s Danielle, Mary’s cousin. So I put up a video from years ago of Hillary being interview about the Clinton accusers and she was saying they wanted to be famous..blah blah. Well I woke up this morning and Facebook removed it! Censorship at its best. How do You contact Facebook? I can’t find a way to do it when I google. I’m pissed!

DML: Send me more information, I will contact them on your behalf. We will publish what we get back. But in the end, you should look for REPORT A PROBLEM tab on your Facebook page. Mary says hi!

First I want to start by saying you mean a lot in this world, and I pray for our country daily and believe you are part of answered prayers. The reason I’m writing though is that I wish I could watch every cast you make and read every single you post, but I have 4 kids and 4 jobs. But I digress. I recently seen a video (not yours) talking about how Basley-ford and her family were part of the CIA and mind control training. It also gave areas of how judge K and her connected. The video showed documents and read from them.. my question is why (I know why mostly) is this not being tried from the roof tops..

DML: And so you answered your own question. With all due respect, you won’t find that sort of thing in our aggregating / my reporting. We hold a very high standard.

DML…you are SO INCREDIBLY talented, not just with explaining the news of the day on your videos and giving us the TRUTH, but you have an amazing talent of being so blessed comically!!!

Your “funny” video of today was the perfect dose of medicine to get through a difficult day…and I am sure it was enjoyed by all DML team members who watched it!!! Having actually meeting you on Memorial Day was such a memorable day for me…and sitting here watching you today just made me realize how blessed I felt that evening and how you always make feel when I see your videos!

In short, you are wiser than anyone on TV these days, and you are funnier than any comic I have ever watched on TV….you are the BEST, in everything you present to us!!!

And I truly hope and pray that one day you run for PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES!!! You will be FANTASTIC for SO MANY REASONS!!!

Thank you for putting smiles on my face (and all your fans) and thank you for ALWAYS bringing us the TRUTH!!!!

DML: The check is in the mail. Keep the comments coming! LOL. Thank you. The honor was all mine.

This is the letter I sent to the president…

Dear Mr. President Trump.
Look at your records; I was one of the first people to donate to your campaign, when there were still 16 candidates for the presidential election. I donated a hard earned and much needed $100.00 as an unemployed electrician with one child at home at the time.

You are making America great again, but you honestly disappoint me and most of your followers on the immigration issue. There are right now an estimate 60.000.000 illegals in this country draining the economy, and sending billions of dollars overseas, and thousands more are coming through the border as we talk.

This got to stop right now, and I can tell you that as a construction worker they are hundred of illegal where I work. The companies like
“Anning-Johnson Co.”

They are employing thousands of Illegals, and this has to stop. Cut the money and they will self deport as many people I know did before.  Mandatory E-verify by executive order and heavy penalties for those whom hire these workers, will drastically reduce the illegal workforce. These contractors are also abusing the workers not paying them for overtime and other basics.

Please watch this video, I’m sending, it was produced by a person called: Dennis Michael Lynch. it will show you what is going on. Dennis it is just a fantastic person and knows the problem very well, I hope you can talk to him or better bring him to your team to get this problem solved once for all.

DML: I appreciate you participating in the DVD call to action.  I also want to say that Trump knows who I am better than you will ever realize.  BTW.. Nice letter!

Just starting to watch the rally that president trump is holding. I wish you would do a sit/talk during the rally, and provide your running commentary. We at team DML need your voice of reason. Except for today, thanks for the laughs, reminds me of the walks during the election. I thank the lord I found you.

DML: You would not have wanted to hear my comments last night. As I have said in the past, “TRUMP is often his own worst enemy.” Last night, his comments about Ford, were silly to make at such a pivotal time.

I’m on the west coast and I really appreciate how you stay on top of everything. I really appreciate your long hours. You are my go to news source. As you said in your walk and talk it’s just been so fast. Boom, boom, boom.

With all that has been going on, I’m not even sure this is newsworthy. Good old Barbra Streisand just released her new album…..are you ready… it’s her most political to date… it’s called The Wall.

Of course making reference to our border wall. She is of course one of the lefts biggest contributors. The cover of the album has her pressed up against a wall looking up, as if she is in distress. What a sham.

DML: Miss Mary once went head to head with Barb, sort of. They were in a book store. Everyone was gloating over Barb, but not Miss Mary. My darling wife walked right past Barb and didn’t as much as look her way even once. She brushed right past her. I love my wife.

Good Morning Dennis,Another outstanding “Power Packed” DML Information and Opinion Day! The things that the MSM and the Democrats are coming up with on Judge Kavanaugh are appalling, and awful… If Judge Kavanaugh is a Republican then why was he only going to parties and “hanging” out with Democrats?? I only pray to GOD that HE gives Judge Kavanaugh and his family HIS MIGHTY STRENGTH to endure !! Nice to see Father and son out doing the same activity together…LOVE the “Walk & Talk” program!! Please pass on a belated “ Very Happy Birthday” to your equally handsome son…Hope that he enjoyed his Special Day….Remember to make as many memories as possible and keep them tucked away in your heart!! Now, DML…..I’m just a little concerned about your eating routine… Perhaps a little less Lean Cuisine and a little more “eat clean”… Sorry, just the Great Grandma in me DML… tell Miss Mary to check the boxes for the sodium content…LOL
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Enjoy the reading I found for today..
California Carol

Wednesday, October 03, 2018


MY JUDGMENTS ARE UNSEARCHABLE, and My paths are beyond tracing out! This is why trusting Me is your best response to My ways with you. My wisdom and knowledge are too deep for Me to explain Myself to you. This should not be surprising, since I am infinite and eternal. I have always existed—from everlasting to everlasting I am God.

I am also the Word who became flesh and dwelt among you. I identified with mankind to the full extent—taking on a human body and dying a terrible death to save sinners who believe in Me. My sacrificial life and death provide ample reason for you to trust Me even when you don’t understand My ways. You can rejoice that your loving Savior and sovereign Lord is infinitely wise! And you can draw near Me at any time by lovingly whispering My Name, I am always within whispering –distance: now, throughout your lifetime, and for all eternity. I am Emmanuel—God with you—and I will never leave you.

DML: I am starting to eat the boxes that the Lean Cuisines come in.  Cardboard isn’t all that bad with ketchup.  Just sayin’


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  1. To the person who said Dennis need talk and give his commentary during Trump Rallies. No he don’t we watch Trump Rallies to here our president. And I for one enjoy his. Rallies. I think that is one time the President can be himself without criticism.Talking durning a rally runions the rally.


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