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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Hello DML, I just heard the bombshell story about Trump’s tax returns. My question is this… How did they get their hands on all those tax returns??? The guy I heard who was being interviewed said they had “around 200” tax returns.

Also, I just received my America the Beautiful book and I am so pleased with it. Thank you for all you, your staff, and Miss Mary do for all of us! Keep up the good work! God bless!

DML: In the big scheme of things…. Does it matter how or where?  The tax issue is the next attack on Trump.  That I assure you of.  I appreciate your support with the book.

It’s unbelievable how easy our President could solve a huge problem and then we personally might not be one episode away from homelessness. E-Verify!!!

I’m 62, white, (used to be middle class), and I clean houses. This is a popular business for American women to supplement their income IF they can find the work. BUT, our competition is Maria, Consuelo, Estela, or Juan that do it for cheaper.

My husband had a small construction company since 1989. Often our Mexican workers would steal enough tools from us that they’d go start their own construction company. We finally closed our business and my 61 year old husband now runs a tractor when he can find work. We have no nest egg or insurance.

A CPA, that I clean for told me that when he worked for a construction company years ago, the Mexican “employees” had fake Social Security cards that they purchased at the local flea market for $25. If the card looked better than a crayon drawing they couldn’t do anything. They could not fire them! If there was any questions after the 1099’s came out, they would just go buy a new SS number. They also could not be questioned if they had 12 or less dependents. He said there were many 18 year olds with 12 dependents!

What the heck! E-Verify NOW!!!

DML: Mandatory e-Verify would be the biggest and best weapon against illegal immigration. It’s a no brainer. We need to rally more people to jump on the DVD train. Otherwise, this goes on deaf ears.

Since you been talking about lean cuisine keep in mind how much reach in advertising you’re giving that company maybe if we fans submit a letter to them you’ll get free lean cuisine for life

DML: I want nothing for free. I pay for my meals. LOL.

I just watched your W&T and wanted to share some thoughts with you on Legalism. It seems to be the world view of the week, regarding the Kavanaugh situation, but is prevalent in many other areas of life, political and non-political.

Legalism is one of the pillars of the progressive ideology, and is commonly found in the church. It is the emphasis of works-based righteousness, rather than the saving grace of God through the Savior.

I write this letter as an unapologetic Christian, but what I’m really trying to exemplify is a principle and world view, not a discussion about religion. Even atheists can believe in a Christian-Judeo world view if they respect Natural Law and reason and many unbelievers, whether they realize it or not, live according to a Christian-Judeo moral system.

Alright, back to Legalism. Human beings are prone to consolidating moral absolutes into a simple set of rules, often having nothing to do with those moral absolutes. Within the church, these rules suggest that God’s Word is insufficient. It elevates man and their “truth”, implies that we can reach perfection, and leaves no room for faith and grace.

We saw Legalism applied this week during the Kavanaugh hearings when it was suggested that throwing ice at someone 35 years ago was a Constitutional red line that disqualified a person from ever holding office. This is Legalism at its most extreme.

Reason is dictated by Laws of Reason. One of those laws is Reciprocity. If a line of reasoning requires double mindedness, we can deduce it is not reasonable. The extreme Legalism in the Kavanaugh case demands an impossible standard and also suggests that those holding government offices have an almost deified supremacy over those giving consent to be governed. It is completely antithetical to the idea that all men are created equal, as memorialized in our Declaration of Independence.

Legalism and other world views of unreason, are cannibalistic in nature. We saw Legalism with the tearing down of our memorial statues, with the trashing of our Constitution because it was “written by slaveholders and old white men”. Twenty years from now, will we see the tearing down of the monuments that celebrate the accomplishments of Dr. King because it was rumored he cheated on his wife? Following this path of reason, we have to assume that we will never be able to celebrate any of America’s great victories, as we are all of a fallen nature. What a psychotic world view, to require self loathing for our inescapable human iniquities yet elevate ourselves to that of a God through virtue signaling and self worship by a “truth” we made up.

Reason demands that truth come from an objective higher power. If it doesn’t, we are just slaves, doomed to moral relativism and subjective truth, dictated by those with the most power.

Good luck in your endeavor to rebuild the 4th Estate! I love the direction you are taking away from the right/left paradigm. Hopefully, you will be able to show your viewers that tribalism is a form of self enslavement and that this fight against progressivism will require action on all fronts: culturally, politically, philosophically, and spiritually. I’m rooting for you!

DML: I know this sounds crazy, but Mary and I have actually set a plan in place that over the next 5 days we will determine whether we will prepare for running for public office. We will not share the decision, but it will help us determine some of the near term moves we make as a family and couple.

Great W&T on 10/3. As usual, I agree with everything you said…Trump’s uncontrollable need to say things he shouldn’t. You are so right, bashing Dr. Ford during rally not a good idea. All the points you made about women wearing makeup – very interesting. I am a woman, but I am NOT part of the women’s movement or the “me too” movement, although I have stories I could tell also, but I do NOT have anger toward men.

In fact, I believe there is a war going on against men in this country, and it’s been going on for a very long time. Thinking of Flake being confronted by those two women in the elevator (and the women were paid by Soros!!!! No surprise there). But was that the reason Flake called for an FBI investigation before the vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation could take place? He was totally bullied by those two women. That’s what I think. He was afraid to challenge them. And I am not a fan of Flake. And I certainly do not endorse disrespect or abuse toward women, but I think it’s tough for men in today’s society.

I think things are definitely out of balance. But I believe that God created men and women to be different. Wow! What a radical thing to say!!! And He did that on purpose!!! We are NOT the same, and never will be, no matter how much our current society wants to convince us we are!!! The bottom line is….we are morally and spiritually sick!!! Which is the reason for all of the problems we are experiencing in this country. Which is why all of this has been going on with Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford. It’s all ridiculously outrageous. I actually believe Kavanaugh over Ford. I heard a good portion of her testimony. I’m not convinced. To me it was all about the liberal agenda to destroy Kavanaugh to prevent him from serving on the Supreme Court. If she is telling the truth, then I am sorry. And if Kavanaugh is guilty, then he will deserve the outcome. However, at this point I am not buying it. Too many holes in her story. The only hope for real positive change in this country…obey God’s Word.

DML: Good email.

This might be your sweet grandma’s bumble bee song! It’s the only one that says “buzz around”, and it’s obviously and old record😊Thanks for everything you do for us!

DML: You nailed it! Here is the song as you sent it to me:

DML, had kinda crazy day Oct. 4th. I had errands to run. First was at Sams Club, I adjust got out of my car and a man and his daughter & grandson were putting stuff into their car. They were speaking Spanish. Then in Sams I heard more different languages. Then at the bank there was a man beside me on the phone and he looked from India and he was speaking his language. I’ve been noticing more and more people in my area being from a different country. Then I go to bed and the news for the 11pm news was going to be about ” What the impact immigration has on us”. I wished I could have stayed awake to watch.This was a Cleveland station, maybe I should send them your set of DVD’s. Just observing! Love all your films and all that you and team DML does, keep it up.
Carol (from Canton) Ha Ha

DML: The United States of Foreign Languages.

Regarding the 1982 party Blasey Ford thinks happened, why isn’t somebody asking which one of the people at the party lived at the house? It couldn’t have been Judge Kavanaugh’s, Mark Judge’s, P.J. Smith’s or Leyland Keysar’s house,because surely they would recall a party at their own house, so if there was a 4th boy at the party it must have been his house. Why isn’t somebody asking that question? One of the people at the party must have lived at the house. Who rents a house to have a small party? If no one at the party lived there, the story appears to be imagined and never happened. Don’t you think? There most likely was no 4th boy because she cannot remember who it was. Hard to believe.

DML: I am certain the FBI asked those questions.

Good Morning Dennis, WOW DML… Keep those “Walk & Talks” coming…. They are a pure delight!! What a wonderful way for your TEAM DML to start their day with the first “ping” of their DML App!!!!! We know that the TRUTHFUL, up to the minute news of the day has begun……I for one appreciate ALL of Your hard work….AND…. the work of Miss Mary, Your children and your DML Staff!! Also, I have ZERO idea what it takes to bring us the current up to the minute news of the day…..BUT….I Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the political information You supply to us endlessly !!!

This Kavanaugh fiasco has me really concerned for the way our nation is headed…. God help us all…..Don’t know if you have heard of the movie “The Trump Prophecy”…. It is very good and gives you lots to ponder as you watch..It is a true story of a Firefighter and the twist and turns of his life…NOT a “churchy preachy” movie…BUT….Does give you a behind the scene look at what the Christian voters did BEFORE Trumps election…Just saying…..Perhaps we might apply this same method before the Kavanaugh vote coming up !!!! Have a Treasured Thursday!
Enjoy the reading picked for today…
California Carol

Thursday, October 04, 2018


DO NOT LET FEAR OF MISTAKES immobilize you or make you anxious. In this life you will err sometimes because you’re only human, with limited knowledge and understanding. When you’re facing a major decision, learn as much as you can about the matter. Seek My Face—and My help. I will guide you with My counsel as you think things out in My Presence. When the time is right, go ahead and make the decision, even though the outcome is uncertain. Pray for My will to be done in this matter, and release the results to Me.

Fear has to do with punishment. If you have been punished unjustly or severely mistreated, it is natural for you to dread making mistakes. When choices need to be made, anxiety can cloud your thinking—perhaps even immobilizing you. The remedy is to remember that I am with you and for you—that you don’t have to perform well for Me to keep loving you. Absolutely NOTHING, including your worst mistakes, can separate you from My Love!

DML: Started work yesterday at 6:30am.  Ended at 11:30pm.  I think that may be too long. LOL.  Started again today at 6:45am.  Will end again this evening at 11:30pm.

When a single photo says a million words.  I know the feeling Sarah, I know the feeling.

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  1. Trump did not trash Ford at his rally he just. Stated the facts. Everything he said was true He said what every American was feeling. She had no case and would not w in in a court of law.


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