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Why does Facebook have a video on Oct 15 and DML App has an Oct 12 the Truth video as the latest one available? Isn’t your App meant to be the most complete and current?

DML: Human error. We assigned it to the wrong category. Sorry. The DML THE TRUTH can always be found on the last tab of the DML News App.

I don’t know if it was just me or if it has happen to other people but I was trying to read a article on your app and was interrupted by a pop up of Michael Blowhard ( Bloomberg ) that I could not x out, no matter how many times I hit the x button on the top right. I finally had to shut my tablet and restart for it to go away.

DML: Periodically, the ads served by all these outlets serve stuff like that. It happens to every website. It’s not the DML News App. But all the more reason to sign up for our subscription service where there WILL BE NO ADS. I am told we could have the new service ready in as little as three weeks from now. If people are interested in the service, they should send me an email via the SUBMIT NEWS tab on This way we have a record of you when it’s time to pull the trigger.

Just wanted you to know your new cover video on FB is super cool. I did my part for team DML and I shared it.

DML: Thanks. I wish everyone would share every article on their Facebook, it would really help fight back.

Its really a shame, your analysis was so good before the election after that it went way down hill, preaching to trump like you know better only to be proven wrong by trump every time that he was way ahead of you. Im not faulting you for having an opinion and not asking you to drink the koolaid, Hannity also has plenty of opinions but he doesnt say trump is wrong unless trump proves himself to be wrong which frankly hasn’t happened in 2 years.

DML: I’d ask you for how and when Trump proved me wrong? Are you referring to when he tweeted multiple times about how much he LOVED DACA kids and I said those tweets would cause a new wave of migrants. Boy, how I wish he proved me wrong. I think I’ll stop there as your email shows there is no stopping the level of stupid that finds my inbox. I should have known your kind with the first email you sent me about our website, it was a dead giveaway that you are clueless. Enjoy the song.

We can only dream about Red wave in California. Most of candidates are either Dems or non-partisans previously promoted by Dems. In a few cases they have only one name and no choice, but the ballot says: Chose one! How can we vote in this situation?

DML: There will be no red wave this year. Don’t feel bad.

A Very Good Morning Dennis, Boy DML did you have a “Smorgasbord of Topics” yesterday.. You were like a juggler in a circus trying to keep all the balls in the air…After awhile there is just too much for the brain to keep processing…If we could somehow just get President Trump to “focus” on e-Verify for the immigration fiasco…I know DML you have told us a million times about the “cheap labor”..BUT… he has to see the folly in continuing down this path!!! We as a nation just cannot take in any more “bodies” at the boarder… this influx in people is going to kill us with the diseases alone…ALSO if we could possibly  get President Trump to address the horrible Medical Insurance process that is crippling our nation….AND.. This is a BIG one….. to STOP Tweeting at every little piece of “fish bait” the MSM throws at him…He would be assured an additional term in office in 2020!!!! I understand his frustration… I know that I would NEVER be able to take all the fiery darts that are flung at him on a daily basis….. I’m keeping him in constant prayer and asking God to Guide him and to  give him Wisdom from on high and  the ability to make wise decisions!!!! Thanking you DML for all your unbelievable hard work….. you are relentless, uncompromising, persistent, insistent and unyielding …YOU ALWAYS get the job done.. Please let Miss Mary know how much I appreciate her numerous articles… I LOVE the variety and diversity of topics… I learn something new each and every day…It must be such a comfort and contentment knowing that your son is following in your footsteps…You DML are a very good father and teacher!! Thank You Again DML Staff for all of your persistent, constant, determined hard work in giving us your DML Team rapid fire news on a daily basis… “Hats Off” ….  Have a Treasured Tuesday! Enjoy the reading I picked for today…
California Carol

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

                CHALLENGING CIRCUMSTANCES come and go, but I am constantly with you. I’m writing the storyline of your life through good times and hard times. I can see the big picture: from before your birth to beyond the grave.  I know exactly what you will be like when heaven becomes your forever-home, and I’m continually working to transform you into this perfect creation. You are royalty in My kingdom!

                The constancy of My Presence is glorious treasure that is underrated by most Christians. They’ve been taught that I am continually with them, but they often think and act as if they’re alone. How this grieves Me!  When you lovingly whisper My Name—drawing near Me even in tough times—both you and I are blessed, This simple prayer demonstrates your trust that I am indeed with you and I am taking care of you. The reality of My Presence outweighs the difficulties you are facing, no matter how heavy they seem. So come to Me when you’re feeling weary and heavy laden . I will give you rest.

DML: I’d love some rest. Is God available to work the website this week?  Maybe some good news would flow.


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  1. California Carol lost me at “juggler in a circus”. Her email/ prayer?? Was entirely too long and without making any points.

    Also the idiot who was bashing you OpEds ticked me off too. I don’t always agree with you but your opinions are always informative.
    Keep up with the great work you do on DML. Love your app.!

  2. Cal. Carol, your message and prayer were beautiful. We all need an inspirational uplifting these days, but always, too! I can see why Dennis appreciates your sincere from the heart words and prayers…thank you.

  3. BTW, looking forward to the subscription service. It’s exciting to know that it’s coming soon. I’ve been waiting for this a long time and know it will be worth the wait. Thanks, Dennis and Mark.

    • Thanks Shirley! I’ve watched Mark work day and night extremely hard for DML behind the scenes, going on 2 years in a little over 2 months…Apps, websites, advertising, and much more. Nice to know someone appreciated it. Hugs to you!

  4. I loved California Carol’s devotional message today. It’s always good to remember God is with us. Thank you Carol.

  5. Tired of FB games it plays on Conservatives! Fed up! Should be a law against what it does to us Conservatives. We live here in America but we might as well live in China with the treatment we get from Google/FaceBook/Tweeter! Shame on them! May there giant Devil be swallowed up by our Holy God who is bigger that the Devil that represents them!

  6. If Dennis is so right on everything, then why isn’t he getting more attention? You have to ask yourself that. I leave the conclusion up to you.

  7. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. I never cease to be amazed at how people view things nor why they feel compelled to “bad mouth” you BUT are still typing on the site. Oh well, I could name names and bash a little myself but who cares what they think. Change the channel IF you don’t like what Dennis says. Linda i formed my own conclusion to your post. Like why are you still here? Have a great day all. You go DML and keep doing what u do best – INFORM US OF THE UNVARNISHED TRUTH ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR WORLD. Love and hugs – i will be happy to drink the koolaid you provide LOL.

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