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Yesterday, I did not get the chance to post my INSTAGRAM photo of the day here on the DML NEWS APP.  I did post it to INSTAGRAM, so maybe you have already seen it.  Either way, below is my photo from yesterday and the new one from today.  Please follow me on

Yesterday’s photo (scroll down)
The photo is of Mary and me preparing for The Wine & Talk Podcast. It was taken at our kitchen table in New York.  We took it ourselves.   I invite you to read the message with the photo and soak it in.  My advice to you is to find something creative to do — and do it with someone you love.

Today’s INSTAGRAM photo (shown below)
This photo of my son Dennis and me was taken just before we approached a big waterfall drop.  We were on a white water rafting trip in South Carolina.  We took it a few years ago while touring the country — we were making a video series for called AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.

Just prior to the drop, the tour guide explained to me how his business was on the decline because people aren’t taking outdoor adventures like they used to.  When I asked why, he said it was due to youngsters spending most of their time on computers and phones.  I hated hearing his answer, it is so unhealthy.

Please listen to me! Make an effort to get outdoors.  Do something that doesn’t include the phone or computer at least one time per day.  And if you can afford to take a trip, make it to the outdoors.  Leave the phone in the car.


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  1. The Stooges in DC don’t know what they are doing, except the assault at our border. I think that’s very much planned and intended. The feds only have the power we give them.


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