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I don’t use my INSTAGRAM account to push political messages. But with our borders collapsing in front of our eyes, I thought it would be a smart idea to remind people of how open we are today.

When I first started covering the border and making films on immigration, the “wall” was being constructed in various areas of the USA.  I recall thinking how useless it was as built.  At the time, the wall would end without any warning.  Meaning, you would walk a mile and then presto, the wall would just STOP.

Trump wanted a wall to be built.  I knew it would never happen.  Democrats would never support a wall, and I feared they’d rip it down if they controlled the White House, Senate and House.  My fears have hit reality.  Although Biden hasn’t torn down the wall, he has stopped all existing contracts to finish the wall.  He has opened the borders to millions of illegal aliens.

In the photo below, taken in 2010 by one of my film crew members, I climb the fence in Arizona.  The exact location I do not recall, but it was within the Tuscon Sector.

I have a new film coming.  It’s called THEY COME TO AMERICA IV: The Cost of Open Borders.  Please follow me on INSTAGRAM.  Click here.

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