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Written by DML
Each day I try to post a photo to The objective is to inspire you through the visuals and positive messaging that comes with each post.

Today, I post a photo from the TeamDML Meet & Greet that took place two years ago this November in West Palm Beach, Florida.   It was our first TeamDML event and the room was packed.  We had more than 300 members attend. It was standing room only.

At one point, I asked everyone in the room to stand if they were from out-of-state.  Most of the people in the theater stood up.  I was amazed.  We had one man come from Canada.  Others came from states like California, Texas, Arizona, Massachusetts, Illinois and Nevada.

When I made my appearance the crowd went insanely wild.  I remember having chills race down my spine as people were chanting “DML”.  Most of the members were wearing TeamDML shirts.

As I toured the theater shaking hands, I saw a lady sitting in the front row of the riser section.   She had a cowboy hat with a emblem that read: “TeamDML.”  I grabbed it off her head and put it on mine.  We smiled at each other while the crowd went into ear-blowing applause.  The amazing thing about the event was the energy, love and mutual respect shared by everyone in the room.

Had the politicians not overreacted to COVID-19, we would have had our second event in 2020.  But as you know, everything was shut down and the event was never launched.

I’ve been working this summer on setting up another TeamDML event, but to be honest I am concerned the new COVID variants.  The lame, overblown reactions I am seeing from the CDC, Biden, and Fauci are causing me to consider the cancelling of my plans again.  I will have more insight as the weeks pass, but my hope is we will have an event in November.  Stay tuned.

The photo was taken by my son, Dennis.

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  1. As a Team member, it was a frenzy of enthusiasm for sure! Please join Team DML if you haven’t already. Help Celebrate America with Patriots who love, respect, care for others and our beloved country while listening to DML, the ‘Voice of Reason’!

  2. I pray we can do it again , such a great time with outstanding people, met great friends along with the one and only MS MARY AND DML ❤️❤️❤️


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