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Written by DML
I voted for Trump, twice.  I am proud of the votes, and I think he was a good president.  However, he didn’t do enough to stop the illegal immigration into this country. Yes, I know he faced resistance from Democrats who would not fund his wall, but he never went after the employers who hire illegal workers.  No president ever does. And with that said, my INSTAGRAM photo of the day is about things never changing (sorta).

The only way to stop illegal immigration in its tracks is to strip away the ability for illegal aliens to work in the US.  If we enforce the labor laws centered around illegal aliens not being permitted to work here, then the issue would stop.  Meaning, people who are here illegally would go home if they can’t find work.  And the people who are planning to migrate here for a job won’t come. Trump never took a step towards enforcing the labor laws.  For him, it was all about the wall.  For me it’s about enforcing the existing laws, starting with the American business owners who screw us all by hiring illegals.

I entered the world of illegal immigration in 2010 when I began making the film They Come to America, The Cost of Illegal Immigration.  Leading up to that film, I was a rookie filmmaker with no experience.  I didn’t know what genre’ I wanted to focus on.  I thought about doing a mix of narrative films (the stuff you see in the theaters), and a collection of documentaries.  I asked the advise of Hollywood actor, Ed Burns.  “How do I make it as a filmmaker?”  Burns responded, “Try to be great at one genre’ versus being good at many.”

With the advise from Burns in mind, I decided to focus on documentaries.  They would be much easier and cheaper to make, and there was a niche’ for me waiting: Immigration.

When making my four immigration films (They Come to America I-IV), I was determined to make them better than any other films of their kind.  Documentaries are often boring, and filled with talking heads.  But I wanted mine to be different.  I wanted to take the audience on a journey around America.  I wanted them to really see the open borders and the human and financial costs of illegal immigration.  I wanted my films to be great.  I think I accomplished my goal in the sense that my films on immigration are unmatched to this day.

My upcoming film, They Come to America IV, The Cost of Doing Nothing, will be my last in the series.  Making films is a young man’s game.  And so the one thing that has change is my age. At 52, I think it is time to hand the torch over to a younger man or woman, if and when he or she ever emerges.  My final film on the topic will be completed by November and hopefully available on Amazon Prime.

My INSTAGRAM photo of the day matches the DML PODCAST for today, July 23.  You can listen to it by clicking here.  In the podcast, I refer to an interview I gave in 2012.  I was a rookie filmmaker at the time, I was just breaking into Fox News and the political circuit.  As you can see in the photo, I was a much younger man.  Although my belly has changed over the past ten years, and my hair has incorporated some gray, the passion I held back then for a secure border remains with me today.  Nothing has changed. You can see it in my eyes.  I still keep that “look” that screams… DON’T BULLSHIT ME.  THE BORDERS ARE OPEN.

The interview I gave in 2012 can be listened to on the podcast.  The lady who interviewed me used the photo below to promote the interview.

When listening to the podcast, think of this: If I didn’t refer to my first film during the interview, and if I did not tell you in this essay that it was from 2012, you’d swear I gave the interview today.  Meaning, nothing in the world of immigration has changed.  This is a shame — and maybe one day I will try to do something more than making films about stopping the influx at the border.  I’ve been talking about running for office for years, but I never take the plunge.  As noted, nothing ever changes.

PHOTO: Taken sometime in 2011-2012 at my editing studio in New York.  Photo taken by my daughter, Ashley.  We used it as the promo for the first film, and to get radio interviews.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you Dennis. Except for one forgot one thing. The freebie benefits. That needs to be taken away too.

  2. E/verify will never work, cause all these big wig business owners are in bed with the dirty politicians! Too big , for any one man to handle! Deep state runs this country if you haven’t noticed?

  3. From Africa, Latin America, Asia, black, brown and all colors people enter the US illegally with no passport, speaking no English, with no qualifications, just saying “I want to live in America”. I have PhDs, I speak seven languages, I teach at college in many countries and continents, I am a white European woman with passport able to pay an airplane ticket to the US and I’ve been yelling for decades “I WANT TO LIVE IN AMERICA, I LOVE AMERICA “ but I don’t have illegal immigrants relatives to “reunite” with or to invite me, no brother to marry. I have to follow a procedure that doesn’t give results because a very small number of scientists is given visa while the applicants are too many. This is not fair. 😢
    Thank you.

  4. You are definitely engaged in whatever you do…good choice on your documentaries!
    You still have time to accomplish a lot and I hope to live long enough to see it. Btw, with those muscles, you could secure anything.😳

  5. The big ticket item is all the free stuff that we the tax payers pay for. It’s got to stop. They have to make their country better not flee from it. Pray everyone we are going to lose our beloved America if this mass entry is not stopped now.


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