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I wanted to be Major League Baseball player, but I wasn’t good enough. The dream died when I was a young man.  I also wanted to become a filmmaker. Although I made films as an adult, they are not the kind I dreamed of making. Going to the border and being face-to-face with cartels, illegal aliens, and MS-13 members is not a dream come true, trust me. Thankfully, there is one more dream left on the docket.

I got my first boat when I was eighteen (18). I remember being on the water for the first time.  I loved it!  Ever since then boating has been in my blood.

For the past 34-years I’ve had a dream. At some point in my life I would own a boat charter company where I offered sunset cruises. I envisioned couples, families, and retirees coming on my boat for a few hours to escape the realities of daily life — a place where people could “get away from it all.”   They’d come aboard my boat and I’d entertain them for two or three hours. Maybe we’d head to a destination nearby, or maybe we’d just float around in circles.  Either way, my customers would catch a sunset, sip a few drinks, eat snacks, and then I’d drive them back to port. In short, I’d help create memories that would last a summertime, if not a lifetime.

Last year I put my dream into action.  I purchased a boat with the intent of offering the charters I described above.  My DML CBD customers would get huge discounts and free DML CBD products.  My DML NEWS APP users would also get discounts, and if they wanted to talk politics I’d help facilitate the conversation.  But over the past year my dream hit a bunch of road blocks.  Thus, the process of launching the cruises has been daunting and delayed.

Last month, the boat dealer I purchased the boat from offered to buy back the 50-footer they sold me at the start of the pandemic.  They offered a purchase price that was damn close to the dollar amount I purchased the boat for in 2020.  It was hard not to accept the offer considering most of the delays we’ve experienced have been due to the dealer’s incompetence.  But I didn’t buy the boat to sell it, I bought the vessel to launch a charter service and create memories for my customers.  I bought it to do something with my professional life that I could love doing until the day I retire.

This weekend was a trial of sorts.  In addition to sunset cruises, Mary and I wondered if people would like dock parties?  Would people like a unique place for a small family reunion or a day-based get-together where friends and co-workers share old stories?  Mary and I tested the concept by hosting an event ourselves this weekend.

Last month, we contacted a bunch of friends we hadn’t seen in a long time.  All the people we contacted know each other well, but they too had not seen each other on a regular basis.  We invited them to our boat for a dock party.  Most of the invitees accepted.

We planned the event for a month.  We selected the perfect menu, drink selections, music, and staff to help cater to everyone’s needs.

From the moment the guests showed up to the time they left, the amount of hugs, kisses, and memories shared were countless.  Even though the boat never left the dock, it was the center of the action.  The environment was unique and added to the conversations.  Most people said they never thought of using a boat to hold a small family reunion or get-together, but they certainly would now.  It was a total hit, and I’m still getting compliments days later.

The concept also helps my other businesses.

The name of the boat is DML CBD. Every person at the event asked me the same question, “What is DML CBD and how does it work?” I explained how our CBD products work wonders for people who need to improve their sleep, diminish pain, curb anxiety and boost the immune system .  I handed out samples and told everyone to download the DML NEWS APP to see when new specials are offered.

The point is this… If you have a dream it doesn’t matter how old you are, and it doesn’t matter what challenges you face.  Over the past year I’ve had more challenges put in front of me than I can count.  But with each challenge I worked up a solution, or at least tried to.  And now, a year later, I am close to launching a charters service that I’ve dreamed about since I was eighteen years old.  You are never too old to dream, and you are never too old to turn the dream into reality.  It’s not a function of money, it’s a function of determination.  Be determined to see your dreams come true.  Think out of the box, and never take NO for an answer because it looks like my dream may come true this time.  Your dreams can come true too. I am living proof that you can get there, eventually.

This photo was taken in Montauk, NY.  The photo was taken by a fellow boater.  In the photo is Mary and me (right) with four of our friends.  None of us had seen each other for years. There were many more people present for the event but they had left by the time we remembered to find someone to snap a photo.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram to learn more about our charters when the service launches this September.

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  1. Your 100 percent its never too late. I am also proof. I am living my dream down here in the grenadines West Indies. I built my home with my retirement. No regrets.


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