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  1. Everyone is taking advantage of the virus and selling their CBD. After spending hundreds of dollars, your CBD did not work for me or my husband.

    • It’s worked for thousands of other people who buy his cbd so those testimonials overwhelmingly Trump yours. I take it faithfully and have for years. Haven’t gotten covid or sick in any way.

  2. Please Dennis , DONT tell me you are falling for what Fauci & liberal New Yorkers are saying about some NEW SUPPOSED COVID VARIANT uptick coming, spreading??? All POLITICALLY MOTIVATED LIES, a viscous cycle repeated to regain more citizen CONTROL again through FEAR?? DONT BELIEVE ANY OF IT !

  3. Spent hundreds of dollars on your CBD and it did nothing for me or my husband. Please post this and don’t discard like you did the last one.

    So many people saying their CBD is the best to cure Covid. Makes me sick!

    • Everybody is different. While it may not have helped you, it certainly may have helped hundreds of others. Same as any other medicine, patients sometimes have to try several to find one that works. CBD is life changing and there are millions who stand behind it!!

    • Maybe others have but DML didn’t say it would cure covid. It’s unfortunate it hasn’t worked for you but I have been using his products for years and has helped me a lot. I use the tincture at night 1600mg and gummies 2x a day. Plus the miracle me helps a lot

  4. The vaccines DO NOT work, and the DemocRATs have EVERY intention of bringing back the “pandemic”in time for the November elections. And when a virus mutates, it becomes LESS severe, not “extremely dangerous”. These scumbags need to be STOPPED.

  5. REMEMBER, variants get weaker and weaker. This is a proven FACT! They are just trying to scare people for the mid terms so they can cheat!

  6. It’s all about the Money and Control. They’ll want to impose lock downs, mail in ballots drop off boxes and ballot harvesting by November for the Win!

  7. Dennis, it’s not a vaccine, it’s a bio weapon. And nothing will change because this is exactly how they want it to be, and I’m sure you are smart enough to know that. Pray brother, pray. ❤️🙏❤️

  8. I just scheduled a colonoscopy and was told to stop all my vitamins and supplements 3days prior. But I was told I could continue taking my CBD! Over 18 months ago I had surgery and was told to stop all medications including CBD. Three days later I got sick! I’m hoping the CBD will get me through this procedure and keep my immune system strong so I don’t pick up any bugs from the hospital.

  9. I cannot find where to purchase anything I don’t see prices I don’t see items nothing you should make it more clear have a page where you sell your products and people can see what your products are I don’t see any products anywhere

  10. DML’s heart is in the right place. He wants to help people. That’s why he has done the BOGO’s! He gives to a charity. He has to make money, he runs a business! I cannot attest to his claim of his CBD being the best on the market. I have not tried it, yet. Everyone who sells CBD says theirs is the best. It’s hard for me to trust those claims. I would like to believe DML’s products are the best because he is an honest man trying to make an honest living to support his family. I trust him and have been following him since day one of his Walk and Talks. My Chiropractor sells CBD. I tried a bottle of his CBD 1000 Mg Tincture and it was $79 a bottle. It helped me feel calm and relaxed when I’m usually hyper! I just could not afford the prices to keep purchasing. I would love to try DML’s products because I know they are more potent than my Chiropractor’s. His products have helped many people as I have seen the testimonials. It may not help all people, but, CBD is not a miracle cure for Covid or any disease that I have been made aware of. It does help the immune system. DML has listed the health organizations who have recognized CBD as an asset to your health. The only way to know is to try CBD. I only wish the government and the CDC would give Medicare the go ahead to help people, like Seniors, and others who cannot afford these products to get on it and benefit from it. Of course, they won’t because it’s all about the money and Big Pharma making profits. I am going to purchase the Miracle Me CBD Sleep that is 60 percent off. I have been waiting for a special price, so, I want to take advantage of this opportunity. This is the only product I can afford at this time. I am retired and a Senior. I just had to spend $1,251.00 to fix the A/C in my SUV. I had to get a new A/C compressor, plus all new A/C parts! Parts have gone up and labor costs! It took me a year to save up the money to get it fixed! Everything is so expensive, car repairs are though the roof, groceries, gas, my rent may got up this year! We are all suffering and trying to survive during this inflation. My heath is important to me…without your health you have nothing, so, I try to put money aside for it! Good luck everyone. Hang in there and count your blessings…🙏🏼

  11. DML, Took advantage of your MIRACLE ME CBD Sleep! 60 percent off!

    Thank you! We’ve received your
    – 7/6/2022 5:51pm


    1 CBD
    1 X
    SLEEP w/ Melatonin $47.50
    Variation: Single Bottle
    Coupon: sleep
    Taxes included in item price (US)
    Order total

    This is my very first order! Always like a good SALE! Hope I LOVE it! 😁

  12. I absolutely love all your products!! Just purchased 12 bottles of your new capsules with the Melatonin. What a fantastic deal 12 bottles for less than $190. I have been using your products for a few years now. I love the gummies in the morning and the oil at bedtime!! It has improved my sleep so much. The mints are great too.


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