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Dennis Michael Lynch (DML), founder of DML News App and sounded off amid attacks on police officers in America.

“I can’t recognize my country anymore,” DML said. “I almost feel as if there is this tremendous dream that I can’t shake out of. Everything around me is so stupid!”

DML commented on the death of Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old Black man who was resisting arrest and shooting a taser at police when he was fatally shot by an Atlanta police officer outside a Wendy’s restaurant on Friday.

DML questioned what might have happened if the officer had let Brooks get away and Brooks had gone on to hurt someone else.  He went on to question why protesters attacked the Wendy’s restaurant involved, burning it down in the aftermath of the shooting death. Brooks had been asleep in the drive-thru lane when the police were called to check on the situation. Brooks was then found to be intoxicated.

DML said it was unwarranted and inexcusable to burn down a restaurant whose only crime was to be open for business.

“I have never in my life seen such stupidity,” DML said. “Why has America fallen so stupid?”

“Why are we allowing people to do this?” he asked. “Right now nobody’s doing anything. We’re writing reforms.”

He went on to comment on the upcoming Executive Order President Donald J. Trump is set to announce on police reform, as well as a controversial move by the New York Police Department to end an anti-crime unit.

DML explained why that is a very bad idea. WATCH:

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  1. This country needs a 60day
    Moratorium on removing or damaging any public property.
    Any statues that are voted on to be removed should be put in a museum for history.
    Tax payer Dollars paid for these
    No right to remove.

  2. There seems to be a disagreement about Trump’s authority with CHOP (formerly CHAZ). One says Gov and Mayor have to ask for it.(They won’t.). Another says it hasn’t gotten bad enough to send in the Guard yet. Dave Rubin was on Fox tonight saying it’s a Dem trap for Trump. Aren’t there federal crimes being committed like kidnapping for one? That alone should warrant sending in the Guard or FBI sooner than later.

    I believe there are things the police can look at to make it better for them with the “reform”. I don’t know what this looks like until we see the EO. One thing, the police have to communicate better with the neighborhoods telling them what will happen if certain actions are done to the police on a stop. IDK if that will help or not.

    People have certainly taken the stupid pill. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I don’t even want to see the news anymore.

    NYC is actually saying they are disbanding the plain clothes police, is that right? I feel sorry for the people living there. It’s going to be hell in that city. Tourists will not want to visit. Even more strain on the economy.

    I shake my head in disbelief at what has been going on these past few years. God help us!

  3. Mine too Nancy. So hard to believe.
    After listening to DML today, hmmm, DJT TRIED to end this BS over & over to the point the Bought off Pentagon hot shots came out & bashes our President. If DJT could’ve got military in there, we’d be in a different place today. I have been saying for 4 years, WE NEED ANOTHER PARTY. I’ve been reaching out to GOP HELP. HELP THIS MAN. GE STANDS ALONE. A few have come thru. But it doesn’t work that way in DC. AND, as far as us being involved, I know hundred of thousands of groups here, Twitter, Parlar, CALLING, writing letters, crashing websites 24/7 to get off their asses & go to work. Do you realize HOW LONG THE DEMS STAYED HOME? While DJT & some Repubs we’re at work in WH. Wirking, working, working. I don’t know of ANY ONE MAN OR WOMAN WHO WOULD STILL GIVE OF THEMSELVES LIKE DJT. NOT ONE PERSON. And he’s Still producing. I would suggest that maybe those who feel He’s NOT doing enough to CRASH THE PHONES & WEBSITES OF ALL DEMOCRATES! I never hear a word about that. Call these MSM DAMN ANIMALS IDIOTS GIVE THEM HELL.

  4. Dennis,

    I’m starting what’s called The Platform Party. It’s a non-partisan, group for those who are tired of the party politics, You’re ideas and platforms are based upon facts and logical reasoning. We’re not a one size fits all country. So why be trapped in that party?

    I need some help taking it to the next level. And I think with your help we can do that. I came across this particular video of yours and I think given the times we’re in, I agree that now is the time to start to a new party. It’s the only way we can claw ourselves out of this ass-backwards dream we’re living in. You can find me on Parler @PlatformParty

    Thank you for your time,

    Ana D.


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