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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch has been warning for the past year that the U.S. economy would be slowing down in January or February of this year. Sure enough, the economy started cooling in February, and over the course of the past week, the market has plummeted, in part due to escalating concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

In an exclusive broadcast to supporters on Sunday, DML said that the coronavirus is going to get worse before it gets better, and stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised if on Monday morning, they don’t turn the stock market off.”

Monday morning, the Dow plunged by over 2,000 points, and the stock market was turned OFF!

DML then hosted a Facebook Live video Monday afternoon and offered powerful insight on the entire situation, with the U.S. economy, the stock market, and the coronavirus breakout.

WATCH his analysis in the explosive Facebook Live video below. (Scroll down for details on how to join the growing movement and get access to exclusive, daily news broadcasts and much more!)

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