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Below is my latest LIVE video.  Please watch and share on your social media accounts.

On Monday, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh announced that he has advanced lung cancer.

Dennis Michael Lynch (DML), founder of DML News App and, reacted in a Facebook Live video post.

DML says he’s always respected Limbaugh, and that Limbaugh is one of the big reasons liberals have never been able to dominate the radio: they can’t find anyone as powerful as Rush.

Add to that the fact that Limbaugh, who is “in a class of his own,” led the way and inspired radio conservative personalities came after him – he paved the way, DML said.

“That’s a testament to how great this guy actually has been for the conservative movement,” DML added.

With Limbaugh preparing to battle lung cancer, DML offered words of support:

“May God bless Rush Limbaugh and his family and all of his fans who are hurting today to hear that this man is facing a huge challenge. We All Have a Prayer For You, Rush.”

Watch below:

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