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Dennis Michael Lynch is on the road today, Aug 20.  But he recorded a short podcast from his hotel room.  You can listen below.

In his podcast he addresses the remarks made by former president, Barack Obama.  The lying Democrat spewed nonsense about President Trump last night.  DML sets the record straight.  Please listen and share.

Plus, DML gives an update on the fundraiser for Cannon Hinnant’s sisters.


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  1. Everything BHO is talking about is exactly what he did. And I think he is behind the release of the virus. Everything he said is him in a nutshell.

  2. We need to figure out a means to STOP this mail in voter fraud!
    There could be ten bags and confiscated by a DemoRAT and replaced with their pre-filled bag of ballots! I have spoken to many and I’m not the only one with this concern!


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