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Dennis Michael Lynch is traveling this week, and so his DML LIVE Podcast is available in audio only.  You can listen below.

Topics covered:
1- Trump’s comments to Woodward.
2- Nail salon owner goes out of business, thanks to Nancy.
3- The 6-second ad about deBlasio is awesome

NOTE: In the podcast below towards the beginning, DML states “in a book Trump is writing.” What DML meant to say is “a book he is writing about Trump.” This is in reference to the book “RAGE”, by Bob Woodward.

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  1. Really! Trump doesn’t realize he created the panic when he let Fauci draw out the narrative and lockdown the country? Trump doesn’t know that Mask wearing is very alarming maneuver? Those people need to admit their MISTAKES/LIES and stop the mask wearing mandates and that might reduce the PANIC they have already caused among Americans! Children are turned into BOTS with their schooling, Trump doesn’t know that is causing PANIC? Unbelievable that Governance could be so IGNORANT! They do NOT care about Americans, the POLITICAL System is truly turning Communist, even with Trump standing and trying to help calm our concerns, we are NOT blind, we believe the Medical Doctors who have been on the front lines who SHARE the REAL Truth, Not the BS the GOVERNMENT wants us to believe! We are believing we have been lied to, for nothing more than POLITICAL NON-Sense! MONEY for the Medical System and the BANKS and major BIG Business, they say are so ESSENTIAL, we are the essential ones, we still pay taxes! Sept. 10, 2020 Sick of the LIES!

    • Yes, we have been severely lied to. Masks do not work and neither does social distancing. I believe the government at all echelons know this and are mandating these things to hold power. It’s sickening and a total disgrace!


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