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Below is my latest LIVE video.  Please watch and share on your social media accounts.

Dennis Michael Lynch, founder of DMLNewsApp and, hosted a Facebook Live early Saturday morning to weigh in on the impeachment debacle and how it could affect the 2020 elections.

Lynch said he is fearful that Republicans could fall further behind in the House, and actually lose control of the Senate in the 2020 elections.

DML pivoted to discuss Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is rising in the polls among Democrats, and is thought to have a good chance of winning the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday.

“Bernie Sanders, who is actually an Independent, could wind up being the Democrat nominee for president,” DML said.

“Trump has set a new path for the Republican party,” Lynch explained, noting that this president has given American patriots the “license” to stand up against issues such as illegal immigration.  Trump has also called out the media like no one has ever done, he added.

President Trump has opened the door for other people to step forward and run for office who have no prior political experience, Lynch said.

However, Lynch said in the same way Trump has opened the door on the Republican side, Bernie Sanders is doing the same on the Democrat side. “He is replicating what Barack Obama did – he came up out of no where and ripped Hillary Clinton down from her pedestal.”  Obama showed you don’t need a long political history to win – and now Sanders his showing that you don’t even need to have a PARTY to win.

DML warned that Sanders is empowering a new movement of Democrat Socialists in the United States that is only going to grow larger and stronger.  He is showing that it can be done, DML said, and then warned that a younger version of Sanders will come along to be a powerful force to promote socialism in America.

“If you don’t think AOC is priming herself for a 2024 run, you haven’t been watching television.  She’s not stumping for Bernie, she’s stumping for herself,” he warned, noting that Ocasio-Cortez is creating a socialist machine that will ultimately take over the Democrat Party.

This new socialist movement will take over the Democrat Party the same way “Trump Nation” has redefined the Republican Party – which will lead to a “whole new set” of Republicans and Democrats, he said.

DML said he believes establishment Democrats, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, are going to line up behind Michael Bloomberg, because they don’t believe Joe Biden can win, and they are desperate to stop Sanders.

WATCH this powerful message in the video below!

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